Guy takes a photo with Matthew Broderick then notices he's just shaded the most famous comedian in the world

Guy takes a photo with Matthew Broderick then notices he's just shaded the most famous comedian in the world

There's no doubt that the modern-day equivalent of an autograph is the celeb-selfie. If you happen to find yourself in the same coffee shop, airport boarding gate or street corner as someone famous, the first reaction most people have would be to whip out their phones and ask to have a picture taken. After they've stopped fan-girling/boying, that is.

But for one guy who was so excited by the prospect of getting a selfie with one of his favourite actors, he was so caught up in the moment that he didn't realise that he had the opportunity of not only posing with one member of the A-list crowd, but two. And the story is as cringe-worthy as it is a delightful case of schadenfreude.

Twitter user HonoredSpirit shared a story on Twitter, describing an incident in which his friend bumped into Matthew Broderick in Montauk, on the Long Island peninsula of New York. The Ferris Bueller's Day Off star was at the same corner store as the friend, who was passing through with his family. And while they were there to stock up on snacks, they decided to approach the 55-year-old for a photo too.

The friend took to Twitter to document the whole story because frankly, it's pretty embarrassing for the dude who met Broderick but too hilarious not to share. He titled the thread "The Matthew Broderick Story", and began by describing how his friend has noticed the actor at the store.

He noted that Broderick was with "a friend". Anyway, the guy walks up to Broderick and asks if he would pose for a photo with his daughter. The star agreed to the photo, and delighted by the opportunity for the celeb-selfie, the guy insisted that they get the photo "just right".

They took the photo outside the store, but Broderick's "friend" turned out to be a bit of a nuisance and was standing right in the middle of the shot as well. The guy asks him to move aside a little, trying to get him to move out of the frame. He keeps asking him to move a little more to the side, using his hand to try and inch him out of the frame.

Anyway, they take the picture, Broderick posing adorably next to the guy's daughter, with Broderick's "friend" still awkwardly lingering in the background, but far enough away to crop out. Only... when they got back to the car to the rest of the family, it turns out that this companion of Broderick wasn't just any old average Joe – it was Jerry Seinfeld! THE Jerry Seinfeld!

Wow, that's awkward. Imagine totally snubbing one of the world's most famous comedians (and one of the world's most recognisable faces!) to get a photo with a different celeb. Oops!

Here's a hot tip next time you bump into a celeb – scan the faces of their companions thoroughly so you don't accidentally shade another celeb by telling them to get out of the way of your photo opp.