Kim Kardashian's former trainer reveals how she got her famous butt

Kim Kardashian's former trainer reveals how she got her famous butt

On Monday evening, Kim Kardashian took it upon herself to break the internet. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted a series of sultry photos on Instagram and literally every person in the entire world had an opinion on them. Some people loved them, some people hated them but one thing that was undeniable was that Kim was extremely proud of her body - and why wouldn't she be?

Let's be clear: Kim Kardashian arguably has the most famous butt in the world. Her derriere has been the subject of much discussion and debate through the years, with many people believing that she must've had implants or some sort of cosmetic surgery in order for it to reach such an astronomical size and be that perky. However, the star has constantly denied the rumours and, in one particularly entertaining episode of KUWTK, even took to getting an X-ray to prove that it is all real.

But if it is real, then what is the secret behind it? Well, Kim is trained by Harley Pasternak, a personal trainer who works with the Hollywood elite. Harley's clients include the likes of Ariana Grande, Katy Petty, Rihanna and, of course, Kim Kardashian. According to the personal trainer, the best part of working with celebrities is that they have extra motivation due to the fact that they need to look good all of the time.

"Everybody we work with is an entertainer and makes a living on being a public persona," says Harley. "They all have motivation, they’re all in the public eye. One’s not more motivated than the other.

‘That’s the great thing about our practice and the people we work with and why I love working with people in the public eye is they’re naturally motivated.

"We all want to look better and feel better but life gets in the way. My job isn’t to motivate somebody it’s not to say don’t you want to look great and feel great – no of course idiot, we all do!

"My job is to problem solve for all the issues that stop them from wanting to look and feel great and actually doing something about it."

Harley has trained Kim for a number of years now (including during her second pregnancy with Saint) and, according to the PT, the secret behind her booty is simple: lunges. However, not just any old lunge: Harley says that the reality star is a particular fan of  "a walk lunge" and that is the reason behind her infamous anus.

Of course, there are multiple variables that also contribute to Kim's killer body: she has a personal chef, trains every day and eats the finest food that we can only dream of. But at least it's nice to know that her bum is created through hard work and not surgery.

So there you have it; if you want a booty like Kim, you best get lunging. Don't be surprised if on your morning commute tomorrow, you see an army of people heading to the office by walk-lunging the whole way.