18 family vacations you'll be glad you never went on

18 family vacations you'll be glad you never went on

The family vacation is that all important time which can either make or break a family unit. A lot goes into it. There's the investment of time, money and effort and if Mum or Dad happen to be self-employed, there's also the loss of earnings putting extra pressure on everyone to enjoy themselves. And you WILL enjoy yourselves, kids. Because we're ON VACATION.

A family trip of mine got off to a bad start when my older sister realised - on the day of the holiday - that she had managed to leave her passport on an internal flight. Optimistically equipped with bus passes, library cards and even her birth certificate, we were of course informed that international travel without a passport wasn't an option - and so decided to leave her behind. She was crying, my mum was crying and - confusingly - the waiting taxi driver started crying too. Of course, this story pales in comparison to some of the internet's best holiday horror stories. So count yourselves lucky.

1. When you try to be different

2. Disappointing to say the least

3. Walt Misery

4. Camping: Never again

5. When you can't stomach the happiness

6. Nature is not your friend

7. Welcome to 30 degrees below

8. A teenager's nightmare

9. The disappearing vacation

10. Very frugal indeed

11. Not the politest neighbours

12. A decent story for dinner parties, at least

13. That sinking feeling

14. The worst kind of lie

15. When the universe conspires against you

16. The extended vacation

17. The devil's in the detail

18. A trip to remember

In the end, it turned out my sister's passport was at the very airport where all of the crying and negotiating took place and she joined us a couple of days later (for anyone interested, London Stansted's lost and found department is only open Monday to Friday). But having seen this list of travesties, I can hardly complain...

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