Mom goes viral after attacking her son for taking her to a vegan restaurant

Mom goes viral after attacking her son for taking her to a vegan restaurant

The hardest part about being a vegetarian or vegan has to be the process of converting or engaging with one's non-vegetarian family and friends. Sometimes, the boundary line is just hard to control, as anyone familiar with the animosity shared between proponents and opponents of the vegan life online are well inculcated to.
But what about one's parents? Can't you bring them into the leafy wing of the way of Gaia, the ejection of climate change, and all in all the transformation of a person into a conscious exponent of an idea they believe can change the world.

Parents can be some of the hardest people to convert. One, they're old. Two, they're stuck in their ways. Three, they raised you, so they aren't going to take your found wisdom that seriously until you impress them. It's not exactly a fair or equal relationship - your parents maintain a kind of authority over you, and that includes your diet. If you're trying to reverse those tables, it will be a hell of a challenge. But many vegans and vegetarians are up to it.

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Dan Nicholson decided to bring his mother to The Egg Cafe, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Liverpool, England. It was here that her anti-vegetarian animus manifested and dashed her son's hopes of converting a vegan mother at the altar of a good meal.

"Why can't I have a normal teenage son who enjoys burgers, pizza, n God forbid chicken kebab hey ho vegetarian restaurant n spicey lentils it is oh yum, going to hug a tree next."

The Tweet imploded, it seemed to have struck a nerve. But after the fact, Nicholson interviewed MUNCHIES, and he cast a different light on the whole affair:

"My mum does like to post stuff like that on Facebook, she does rate herself as a bit of a joker and this post was hardly an exception. She shouldn't have been totally surprised [about my restaurant choice] considering I haven't eaten meat for the best part of a year, but usually we just go to meat-friendly places that have veggie options. I personally didn't expect the huge response I've got, which mostly seems to be either 'serves you right for eating meat' from people that can't understand it's a joke, or (well deserved) praise for The Egg Cafe."

But, did she really enjoy the food?

"She really enjoyed the food! She had the bean burger with some vegan mayonnaise. She's definitely grown more used to not eating meat, probably because of the amount of times she's had to cook for me, poor lady! I really hope she does [become vegetarian] but alas I can't see it any time soon, or any tree hugging for that matter."

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Maybe there's hope yet that his mother could become a vegetarian. But at this point, it looks like giving up the meat will be a bit of a challenge. At least she has her next of kin to guide her through it if she chooses to do so.