You need to hear this paramedic’s body positive message before you hit the post-xmas diet

You need to hear this paramedic’s body positive message before you hit the post-xmas diet

It's a cliché for a reason: people always want to improve their fitness after the new year. This may be a result for over-indulging over the Christmas period, what with pigs in blankets and all the boxes of chocolate lying around, just begging for you to take one (or ten), or because we're suckers for the whole "new year, new me" concept. Now, while our intentions are nearly always good, (I mean, we're certainly keeping the exercise afloat) in the majority of cases, we go to the gym once or twice, eat a salad and then call it quits.

However, some people do fall prey to fad diets, which are more harmful than they are healthy. And such things are particularly commonplace during the limbo period after Christmas and the new year. One health and fitness blogger, however, has an inspiring body positivity message for all us would-be dieters, and it's just what we needed to hear.

Riley Hemson is a paramedic who has lost over four stone in two years, transforming her body and life through health and fitness. But she's not your average fitness blogger, she's a body positivity advocate who promotes healthy living as a way to prosper mentally, as well as physically.

She's also committed to breaking down the unrealistic ideas of bodily perfection that society continues to perpetuate. She recently posted a photo of her in lingerie on Instagram, sharing a truly empowering message of self-acceptance. She wrote:
"2017 [was] the year of self love. I plan on being drunk (on life) for the next 3 and a bit weeks so thought now is the most appropriate time to reflect on what has been such a huge year for dis sis. What started as a mission to lose a heap of weight, turned into a journey of health, love and happiness."

"I am aware that I sound like I’m spinning whack hippie shit but hear me out. If you’re intending on changing your body to ultimately be happy with what you see, you will never be happy. LOVE yourself enough to treat your body and mind with the nutrition it needs. Fuel your journey with love, not hate. Everything else will fall perfectly into place.

This year I have learnt the importance of this and it’s honestly changed my damn lyf sis. you are not going to look like @tammyhembrow, unless you are in fact, Tammy Hembrow. As hard as you try, promise. But you CAN be the best YOU! I’m not just talking health. Cause you’re more than your health.

You are the way you treat others, you are the way you smile, the way you make others smile, the way you cry, the way you laugh and the way you get down and dirty on the D floor. You are SO MANY THINGS, remember that. This year I completed my degree in Paramedicine, I’m proud of that. I’m also proud of my outlook on life, positivity always."

As Riley tells us, we're so much more than our physical appearance, and truly accepting that before we attempt any fitness regime or diet is paramount to staying healthy in the mental sense. As she continues, "Change takes time so if you’re doing it solely just to change what your body looks like then this isn’t gonna last."

"Do it because you want your body to be healthy. You want to give it love and nutrients so your body can be the best, healthiest body that it can be. Change your mindset and change will come."

Well, I don't know about you, but that's exactly what I needed to hear going into the new year. Like Riley, let's make this a year where we prize self love and acceptance over everything else. I mean, does anything else really matter?