20 Cringe-worthy times Tinder users epically failed to hit on their matches

20 Cringe-worthy times Tinder users epically failed to hit on their matches

Back in the day, chatting up a hottie at the bar was a pretty nerve-racking experience. You had to plan what you wanted to say, wait for the opportune moment, and try not to look too disappointed when you inevitably got shot down. Really, it's a lot more hassle than it's worth.

However, with Tinder, all that pressure is lifted off - and the fact that you've already achieved a right-swipe means you've already got a little bit of a chance.

Unfortunately, thanks to this great place called The Internet, it also means your conversations will live on for all eternity...

1. He waited two weeks for that follow-up

2. You have to admire the optimism

3. Um, thanks?

4. Didn't realise the Lannisters were on Tinder

5. Oh, how... specific

6. Myb u shd spll-chk nxt tym

7. You had me at "acid reflux"

8. That escalated quickly

9. I believe this is what the kids refer to as a "sick burn"

10. Ted!?

11. Don't milk it, buddy

12. Life pro tip: negging never works

13. Dan needs to get out more

14. Your cat clearly has bad taste

15. Split the profits?

16. Sounds like you deserved it

17. Wow

18. That went from 0 - creepy in 2 seconds flat

19. Punctuation matters, kids

20. Kewl Kewl

Ok, so maybe some of these would have worked on the right person - but they're still pretty bad. So, if you're planning on using the internet to find your next potential Netflix and chill partner, perhaps avoid making the same mistakes these guys did.