These are the 5 habits of couples with the best sex lives

These are the 5 habits of couples with the best sex lives

Are you starting to lose your passion in the bedroom? Then tell your partner to lose some weight. It's all his or her fault. Just kidding. It's normal. As your relationship goes on, the excitement fades, and you and partner fall into a predictable routine.

But don't worry. There's still hope. Sex researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller conducted a massive study, surveying 40,000 people about their love lives. The couples that kept the spark alive, having hot, passionate sex on a regular basis, had these five habits in common:

1. Spent time setting the mood

Foreplay is important establish chemistry. So, take some time to light scented candles, play sexy music and give a sensual massage. There's a reason they lead to "happy endings" so often.

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2. Practice sexual communication

Let your partner know what feels good, so they can keep doing it. And let them know what feels bad, so they can stop that nonsense. Make sure your partner feels comfortable giving you honest feedback as well. If you're not listening to each other, you're not both going to be happy.

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3. Give and receive

Take turns doing oral sex. After all, relationships should be equal. Sure, you might not like going south of the border, or you might be nervous about skills. But it's only fair. Practice makes perfect, and if you level up your game your partner might reward you.

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4. Be happy with their relationship

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you're not happy with your relationship, you're probably not going to have amazing sex. I mean, I guess "hate sex" is a thing. But hate will probably not fuel the greatest sex life, in the long term.

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5. Try new things

Why keep doing the same thing all the time, and expecting a new result? Try new sexual positions, purchase some toys, and try role-playing with each other as Bert and Ernie. Well, maybe not Bert and Ernie. You know what I mean. Variety of the spice of life. When you experience new pleasures, your brain releases more dopamine - the chemical that literally makes you happy.

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Well, there you have it. This article is reaching its climax, and I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. If you're interested in more info, here are some statistics from Dr. Lehmiller's study, in which the men and women rank what bedroom activities satisfied them the most:

Sex Research Credit: Lehmiller / Journal of Sex Research

The top three most satisfying activities are giving a massage, wearing sexy lingerie and taking a shower or bath together. Meanwhile, the three least satisfying activities are taking Viagara, videotaping sex and inviting another person into bed. So, now you and partner can hopefully improve your sex life. And if not, just give up, and get a sex robot.

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