This Black Mirror-style dating app allows you to rate people you've dated

This Black Mirror-style dating app allows you to rate people you've dated

As much as we probably all like to think that we're people with independent thought, a huge amount of us make decisions based on what other folks have told us.

Think about it: the restaurants we visit, the movies we watch, the weird stuff we buy on the internet when we're bored and in need of some retail therapy - all of the choices we make when doing those things are at least partly influenced by how many stars it got or how many people had left a grumpy review.

But it would be weird to treat a date in the same way that we treat a fast food place or a second-hand console game, wouldn't it. Wouldn't it?

Well, one new dating app thought that, actually, it's exactly what the market needs.

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Do I Date is a brand new app which - according to its creators - "brings an unprecedented level of openness to dating" by allowing its users to rate the people they've met up with.

And it's true that this system certainly would bring some transparency to online dating. In the past, thousands of people have been led on by "catfish" who claim to be someone they aren't, or use misleading photos in their profiles to lie about their age or height or weight. If you were able to rate someone based on how they matched up to the person they claimed to be in their profile, it would certainly deter online daters from telling fibs in their little "about me" sections.

What's more, the ability to give a bad review would hopefully prevent any instances of assault - or worse - during a date. In the UK alone, crimes linked to online dating went up by 450 per cent between 2011 and 2016, so having a system that could either warn others of an abuser or stop them from hurting anyone in the first place seems ideal.

However, there are downsides to the rating feature of the app.

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First of all, people just aren't comfortable with being rated by someone they barely know.

“I would hate going on a date knowing I was going to be reviewed,” said one dating app-user. “Dating is nerve-wracking at the best of times without the need to make it like an interview with grades as well.

“I feel like it will break any spontaneity. Also, people’s opinions of what a good date is differ so much, so I’m not sure other people’s reviews would be overly useful.”

And it's true - one person's exciting date idea could be another person's idea of hell, so how would you make sure that reviews are given fairly? Plus, what's to stop someone giving their date a one-star rating just because they accidentally badmouthed their football team, or ate their spaghetti in a slightly messy manner, or literally because they lacked chemistry with them?

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Ultimately, Do I Date is a great idea for people who want to take their online dating seriously, as the rating system would certainly get rid of a lot of time wasters. Plus, on paper, having a detailed review of a person on an app is not much different to being set up with someone by a mutual friend.

However, there's a lot of pressure to get a date exactly right. So, if you're brave enough to sign up, you'd better make sure to be on your best behavior - otherwise, you might find yourself with a 2-star rating and nobody willing to give you a swipe right.