New app will tell you the expiry date of your relationship

New app will tell you the expiry date of your relationship

We all care to imagine what the future will hold for us.

Often, for the dreamers out there, the future represents a place of infinite riches and acclaim; perhaps you have become a famous athlete, pop star or particularly skilful doctor who saves life with apparent ease. Accompanying these illusions of grandeur is, of course, your love life.

Married to a man or woman of astonishing beauty with happy, well-mannered kids, your social life is thriving just as much as your professional one, somehow held in perfect harmony with one another.

Part of what makes life so difficult is the uncertainty that inevitably surrounds the future; we cannot, try in vain though we might, sculpt the future exactly how we would like it to be, there are simply too many circumstances outside of our control for this to be possible.

This is particularly challenging in our relationships which are, by their very nature, dependent on other people as well as ourselves. We can't say for sure that our relationships will last indefinitely any more than we can predict next year's weather.

Or can we?

In a bizarre twist of fate that once again mirrors an episode of Black Mirror, a new dating app claims to be able to predict with accuracy the expiration date of your relationship.

In the episode an omniscient character named "coach" advises couples on how long their 'date' will last - a conceit that proves both amusing, devastating and occasionally wonderful for those involved. In the episode, the two protagonists eventually beat the system, allowing them to meet for the first time in the real world.

So if you have always wondered just how long your own relationship will last, why not ask the real-life coach?

Using the website you are able to find out the expiry date of your relationship, simply click through and send the link to your partner.

What more romantic way to spend Valentine's Day than to measure the length of your relationship using a piece of computer software, after all?

Though the term 'expiry date' might make your relationship sound rather like a piece of perishable produce in a grocery store, perhaps in some hitherto indiscernible way it could prove useful to know just how long you've got left with your partner.

On the other hand, putting any stock in follies such as these probably means you don't have much faith in that same relationship in the first place, and perhaps you would be better off actually communicating with your significant other, rather than sending them an ominous URL without any explanation.

Either way, happy Valentine's Day, and may your expiration date be exactly what you want it to be; not a day more, not a day less.

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