Wife discovers husband's affair mid flight and demands an emergency landing

Wife discovers husband's affair mid flight and demands an emergency landing

If your plane has ever had to make an emergency landing, it's safe to say that it's usually down to something pretty serious. It might be that there are some extremely adverse weather conditions, or something has gone wrong with the engine on the plane. While you don't expect it to happen, it is one of the risks that come with flying and it's a scary ordeal to go through when you're setting off on your holidays. However, while the risk of something going wrong is always there, you wouldn't expect to have to emergency land due to one passenger kicking off so much that the pilot is forced to land the plane early.

While you hear horror stories of groups of tourists causing a plane to land due to raucous behaviour and outlandish antics, it's rare that you hear of a couple bringing down an airliner. Unfortunately for passengers travelling on the Qatar Airlines flight from Doha, Qatar, to the island of Bali, this is exactly what happened.

Qatar Airlines Plane Credit: Twitter/@Qatarairways

According to the Times of India, an Iranian woman went completely mad at her husband mid flight, after discovering that he had been cheating on her. The woman grew so violent with the man that the pilot was forced into performing an emergency landing in order to evict them from the plane.

It's being reported that the woman was already suspicious of her husband and used his finger to unlock his phone while he was asleep during the flight. Once she had gained unsolicited access to his phone, she discovered proof of his affairs and hit the roof. After already consuming a couple of alcoholic drinks, the fuelled-up woman pounced on her husband and began attacking him. While flight attendants tried to calm the woman down, their attempts were in vain and the plane was forced to land.

Qatar Airlines plane landing Credit: Pexels

According to the authorities, the situation got so "out of hand" that the pilot decided to land in the southern Indian city of Chennai to kick the couple off of the flight.

"A lady along with her husband and a child, all Iranian nationals, were off-loaded by Qatar Airways as the lady passenger misbehaved with crew members in-flight," said an official from India’s Central Industrial Security Force.

Qatar Airways declined to comment on the incident, citing "passenger privacy."

After the unidentified family were booted off the flight, the plane resumed its seven-hour journey to Bali. Back in Chennai, it is reported that the woman spent the day sobering up before the family all returned to Doha together.

While the man is undoubtedly in the wrong for cheating, surely the woman should've found a better time to root through his phone and attack when, rather than when you're mid-air with a bunch of other people. As if flying wasn't stressful enough, you could do without an emergency landing due to a domestic.