Ellen Page describes abuse from Brett Ratner in passionate Facebook post

Ellen Page describes abuse from Brett Ratner in passionate Facebook post

Ellen Page was only eighteen years old when she starred in X-Men: The Last Stand. This was the third movie in the X-Men series, with Brett Ratner taking over as director. However, he did not make her feel welcome on set. In a lengthy, passionate Facebook post, Page describes how he crudely outed her at a cast and crew "meet and greet" before they started filming:

"He looked at a woman standing next to me, ten years my senior, pointed to me and said: “You should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.” I was a young adult who had not yet come out to myself. I knew I was gay, but did not know, so to speak. I felt violated when this happened. I looked down at my feet, didn’t say a word and watched as no one else did either."

Brett Ratner

Page says Ratner continued to act inappropriately on set. A woman walked by the monitor, and he commented on her "flappy pussy." He asked Page wear a "Team Ratner" T-shirt, and when she said no, the producers stopped by her trailer, and reprimanded her. I guess we shouldn't be surprised by Ratner's gross behavior. Six women have accused him of sexual harassment, and he willingly posed for this photo:

Brett Ratner with The Big Butt Book

However, the effects of sexual harassment often go overlooked. Page says the interaction left her with "long standing feelings of shame" and it "replayed in [her] mind many times over the years" as she encountered homophobia. At 18, she "had no tools to know how to handle the situation." But you know what's crazy? She first encountered this behavior at sixteen.

"When I was sixteen a director took me to dinner (a professional obligation and a very common one). He fondled my leg under the table and said, “You have to make the move, I can’t.” I did not make the move and I was fortunate to get away from that situation...I was sexually assaulted by a grip months later. I was asked by a director to sleep with a man in his late twenties and to tell them about it. I did not."

Ellen Page

Page publicly came out as a lesbian in 2014 and has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights. In her Facebook post, which quickly went viral, with over 100,000 likes, she condemns Hollywood predators like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski. She says no one should be complicit with their behavior - including herself. In 2012, she starred in a Woody Allen film, which she now calls an "awful mistake" and the "biggest regret" of her career. (Considering how crappy X-Men: The Last Stand was, that's saying something.)

Most importantly, she made a call of support for all the victims of abuse that are marginalized by society. As a famous white actress, she has the privilege and power to make her voice heard, but many do not:

"Let’s remember the epidemic of violence against women in our society disproportionately affects low income women, particularly women of color, trans and queer women and indigenous women, who are silenced by their economic circumstances and profound mistrust of a justice system that acquits the guilty in the face of overwhelming evidence and continues to oppress people of color. I have the means to hire security if I feel threatened. I have the wealth and insurance to receive mental health care. I have the privilege of having a platform that enables me to write this and have it published, while the most marginalized do not have access to such resources."

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