Germany's most beautiful police officer has moved to the US and become an Instagram sensation

Germany's most beautiful police officer has moved to the US and become an Instagram sensation

Do you hate your soul-crushing day job, and want a carefree career as an Instagram sensation? Well, there are only three steps you need to follow: Be really hot, be really hot, and be really hot.

First there was the "Hot Felon." In 2014, Jeremy Meeks, a former Crips gang member, got busted for grand theft auto and possession of a firearm. However, that might have been a blessing in disguise. His sultry mugshot went viral, making him Internet famous. When the Hot Felon got out of prison, the ditched the crime lifestyle to become a professional model. Now he's dating Chloe Green, daughter of billionaire fashion mogul Sir Philip Green, and together they had their first child.

Well, it's too bad the Hot Felon is taken, because the latest Instagram sensation would be his perfect match. In Dresden, Germany, Adrienne Koleszár worked as a police commissioner, chasing wrongdoers and writing tickets. However, she led a double life. On Instagram, the stunning 33-year-old blonde posted photos in revealing beach attire and tight workout outfits. In the captions, she gave diet and exercise tips, encouraging women to eat healthy. Her IG account quickly went viral, with the Internet dubbing her "Germany's most beautiful policewoman."

Adrienne gained a massive following online, with over a half a million Instagram followers. And I'm guessing she gets a lot of comments from guys like "Please arrest me." And "Want to pat me down?" And "You can handcuff me any time!" However, if you live in Dresden and you were planning on breaking the law just to meet Adrienne, I've got some bad news: She took six months unpaid leave, and moved from Germany to the United States.

In a video to her followers on Instagram and YouTube, Adrienne said,"During this time, I will not receive any compensation from the Free State of Saxony, live on my savings and on my social media activities." When asked what she plans to do, she said "I do not have a master plan, I want to be creative and spend more time with my family." (Translation: post more content on social media and see if that parlays into a new career.)

Adrienne originally wanted to take a year off, according to the German tabloid Bild. However, six months was the most she could get. "The possibility of an application for a leave without compensation is available to any official," police spokesman Thomas Geithner told the media. "However, we could not afford to offer one year off; six months is a compromise — since we need every civil servant."

Will "Germany's most beautiful police officer" rejoin the force in January 2019? If her Instagram account keeps growing, that seems unlikely.

So, now we have the Hot Felon and the Most Beautiful Police Officer. Who will be the next Internet sensation? The Hot Judge? The Most Beautiful District Attorney? The Most Bone-able City Bus Driver? If you want to ditch your day job, just be hot and start an IG account.