Woman reveals photos of outfit she says got her kicked out of a shopping mall

Woman reveals photos of outfit she says got her kicked out of a shopping mall

I'm not sure if you've all noticed, but it's been crazy hot recently.

I'm not talking "ooh, it's a little stuffy today, I might have to open my bedroom window before I leave the house to avoid feeling a little uncomfortable when I get home".

I'm talking "Jesus take the wheel, it is so hot on my train right now that the man next to me has quite literally begun to melt like a waxwork in a Nordic sauna".

As such, we've all had to take certain measures to ensure that we don't collapse into sweaty, broken oblivion on our commute to work. You might bring a bottle of water with you for the journey, or perhaps wear some more lightly fitting clothes with less material to make try and combat the incessant, never-ending heat.

That's exactly what 19-year-old Gabrielle Gibson says she did when she decided to visit Bellair mall, Mobile, Alabama on August 1st. Gibson went shopping in some denim shorts and a multi-coloured long sleeve top, but, she says, it wasn't long before she ran into trouble. In a Facebook post that has since become unavailable, Gibson reportedly relayed her experience thus;

"I was literally harassed and kicked out of the Bellair mall in Mobile, AL today because of what I'm wearing.

"Apparently grown men couldn't contain themselves so I get kicked out.

"Security officer J. Mathis initiated that he was looking at my a** cheeks and it was a problem.

"Don't look at my a** then theres a thought?"

The post continues;

"They went as far as to threaten to call a police officer. From what I seen today everyone had short shorties on.

I mean come on its August and 100° outside.

I don't know why i was pinpointed. Im just disgusted with the behaviour of all these people."

Per Indy100, commenters on Facebook were supportive of her. One person wrote "There is NOTHING wrong with what you are wearing! I would have told him to call the police. You did absolutely nothing wrong", while a second added "You are beautiful and you wear what you want!!".

Meanwhile, The Shoppes at Bel Air issued the following statement;

"Given the high degree of importance we place on maintaining a family-friendly shopping environment, our policy requires all of our customers to dress in a manner that reflects our code of conduct.

"Anyone who violates this policy will be asked to change or to leave the premises".

According to the Mirror, Gibson said;

"When I left the house I felt beautiful and happy about myself, but having grown men attack me about what I'm wearing when I'm just trying to walk around and buy things was just so excessive.

"They didn't have to throw me out. It's a sad day when grown men can't control themselves. I just don't want anyone feeling like I did."

Clearly, she was upset by the incident, and it doesn't seem to us that what she was wearing could be considered inappropriate.