Women's seaside lunch gets ruined by drunk man 'whacking his manhood' against their window

Women's seaside lunch gets ruined by drunk man 'whacking his manhood' against their window

I don't know about you, but I think that the most sacred time in our daily lives is when we all sit down together to partake in some food. Whether you're chowing down in front of your favourite television show, your closest family and friends or a special someone, dinner time is treated with the utmost respect in a number of cultures.

Which is why it's especially upsetting when someone comes along and ruins your dinner. A botched breakfast or calamitous lunch isn't great, but you know there are other meals on the horizon to cushion the blow. If your dinner's ruined by, say, someone slapping their genitals against your window, you know that you're going to have to go to sleep with that at the forefront of your mind. Not always great.

Fish and Chips by the sea Credit: Getty

So spare a thought for this mother daughter duo, who thought it would be a good idea to take a trip to the seaside together.

How lovely! Pitching up in the town of Redcar in the north of England on June 29, they probably underwent a ton of entertaining seaside activities, like hanging out by the beach, taking some lovely selfies; maybe going on some amusement par rides. Yay! When they decided to add to the family bonding trip by getting fish and chips and eating them in the car, this mother and daughter probably wondered if this trip to the seaside could get any better. It did not.

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On that very same day, John Henson was coming to the end of what was described as a "marathon drinking session".

Having suffered a somewhat difficult childhood, Henson has reportedly been an alcoholic since the age of 22. Now 44 years old, Henson was in the midst of an epic bender, having been out at a nightclub until the early hours of that morning, drinking by himself at around eight in the morning. He then snorted some cocaine, headed to his friend's place, and was back on the streets when he noticed our mother-daughter duo.

Oh, I should explain: this all happened at midday.

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According to Rachael Dodsworth, the prosecutor for this court case, Henson approached the car, opened his trousers and reportedly began to slap his genitals against the car door. The women were understandably pretty taken aback by Henson's actions.

One of the women called him a "dirty bastard", throwing chips at him in an attempt to dissuade him before eventually shutting the window. Shouting at her mother to do the same, Henson reportedly "continued to wiggle his penis around, then tried to get in the car through the window".

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Horrified, the woman tried to drive away, but found themselves blocked in. Henson took this moment to completely drop his trousers, and let loose a steamin' brown one right there in the street, next to the victims' car.

"The dirty bugger put me off going to Redcar, and it put my off my dinner," said one of the victims, in one of the understatements of the year. Henson, for his part in the ordeal, admitted full responsibility for his crimes and showed remorse, and District Judge Kristina Harrison sentenced him to an 18-month community order.

He was also ordered to pay the victims £100 each.