Former Mexican president has a harsh warning for Donald Trump after Florida shooting

Former Mexican president has a harsh warning for Donald Trump after Florida shooting

Since he first announced his run for the presidency a couple of years ago, Donald Trump has attracted his fair share of critics. From placard-wielding citizens to outraged celebrities to fellow politicians: many factions of society have reasons to oppose his presidency - and they all do so rather vocally.

One of his most outspoken critics is Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico. Since Trump assumed his position in the White House, Fox has made various YouTube videos trolling him about the border wall, nuclear war, and even taco bowls.

Most recently, though, he appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss Trump's recent behavior and the tragic Florida shooting.

former mexican president Credit: Twitter/Vicente Fox

"You've really become a thorn in Trump's side," said Maher, referencing Fox's uncensored criticism of the president.

In particular, Maher referenced a tweet in which Fox said, "@realDonaldTrump, your mouth is the foulest s**thole in the world." This was, of course, a reference to the president's disrespectful comments about so-called "s**thole countries" back in January, and Fox defended his reasons for speaking out.

"When it comes from the heart, when it comes when you're offended, you have to stand up," he said. "You have to react. You have to do something."

Fox then went on to say that, if Trump continues to divide and offend people, the USA will see more events like the Florida shooting.

"Speaking about this very sad event in Florida, when you speak out of the White House with aggressive, violent language - when you discriminate, when you are racist - that's what you get," he said. "We need harmony, we need love, we need happy communities. Those concepts don't come out of his mouth."

Unfortunately, it seems that Fox is almost certainly right, as the Florida shooter, Nicolas Cruz, was known to belong to a white nationalist group called the Republic of Florida Militia. A spokesman for the group confirmed to reporters that Cruz was indeed a member of their group, but that he was not acting on their instruction when he massacred 17 people and wounded a further 14.

According to them, Cruz "acted on his own behalf" and is "solely responsible for what he just did." However, the Militia's goals to "create a white ethnostate" and fight against "anti-white policies" no doubt appealed to Cruz's violent nature.

vincente fox and bill maher Credit: YouTube/Real Time with Bill Maher

During his interview with Maher, though, Fox did not skirt around the issues of crime in his own country. He spoke openly and honestly about the drug problems that Mexico currently face, but mentioned that the lax gun laws in the states made it easier for cartel members to acquire firearms from across the border.

What's more, while people were divided in their opinions of Fox as a president in the comments section of the video, most applauded him for his hardline on Trump.

"I know that Fox does not have a perfect past but I adore watching him spit on Trump," said one commenter.

"I'm an American and I love Mr. Vicente Fox and virtually everyone I know loves him too," wrote another. "I love how he triggers the crap out of Trump."

As difficult as it may be for Trump to take advice from other people, perhaps he should listen on this occasion. After all, nobody wants to see another shooting happen, and he has the power to stop it.