Time traveler from the year 8973 who claims to work for the government shares horrifying secrets

Time traveler from the year 8973 who claims to work for the government shares horrifying secrets

I don't know what's been so special about the last few months, but apparently - whatever it is - it's made a bunch of time travelers want to come back and visit them.

First of all, there was that guy from the year 2030, who said he knew who the winner of the 2020 election was. Then, there was a man from the year 6000, who supposedly had photographic evidence from the future, but he had to blur his face and distort his voice so that "the government" wouldn't find him. And, more recently, a woman from the 22nd century who said she'd already visited the '50s and '80s, but was stopping by in 2018 to say... well, not much, really.

And now there's another self-declared time traveler on the loose, but this guy is different as he's actually shown his face and given his name. Oh, and he's British.

Credit: YouTube/ApexTV

William Taylor, as he calls himself, claims to have traveled from the year 8973, and comes bearing news of secret advanced technology, the Mandela effect, and other time travelers.

He starts off by saying that he used to work for the British government, which his family was aware of, but he never told them exactly what he was doing. He claims that he's kept everyone, including his loved ones, in the dark about what he has seen throughout his travels, and now feels a duty to shine a light on hidden government activities.

"I'm putting myself at great risk for telling you the truth," Taylor says and explains that he's spreading this message now because he might not get another chance.

He then goes on to recount his first ever time travel experience:

"I was put in a machine which was a small sphere, with only enough room for one person. The sphere was only about four inches thick, and was made of lead to protect from the radiation involved in this process. The way they explained it to me was that the universe is a simulation. In fact, every universe is a simulation."

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"I would first be sent to the fourth dimension, and I would then enter a universe with a different time," he continued.

Apparently, he wound up in the year 3000, where he found a "large city covered with smog" and a "red sky". There was flying transportation and lower oxygen levels (but no sign of living underwater - sorry, Busted fans).

Taylor then goes on to explain that life is basically one long, time travel journey, as each "moment" we experience belongs to a different universe and we travel through them in order to form a "timeline". So, the Mandela effect began when "major governments around the world" started messing with time travel, and moved some people from one universe to another (which is why they have conflicting memories from other people in the universe).

He also uses this phenomenon to explain why other time travelers may have different accounts of what they saw in the future: they all came from different universes.

Taylor also claims that we discovered time travel technology from "alien crafts" that had crash-landed on the planet.

Credit: YouTube/ApexTV

As for the year 8973, Taylor claims he was sent there because scientists had somehow worked out that that would be the year in which humanity would merge with technology. When he arrived there - again, in the same spherical machine - he says he saw "green grass and a blue sky".

According to him, "the people there looked different ... they were all very tall and skinny. They had big heads and big eyes ... everyone seemed as if it was completely normal that they had met a time traveler."

The people were, as the scientists had predicted, "half-human and half-robot" but Taylor also found out that people there lived forever. Oh, and they've colonized other planets.

But, while Taylor's account of "time traveling" seems a tiny bit more convincing than other people's, I'm still not buying it. No matter how many people "come back" from the future, or share their story, or claim the government is hiding something - none of them really offer anything other than a cool fantasy tale. There's never a solution to the problem, or hard evidence, or even a reason to be sharing the information.

So, William Taylor, thanks for your input; but I won't be looking out for any time traveling alien spaceships anytime soon.