Conspiracy theorists think there is something weird about this NASA video

Conspiracy theorists think there is something weird about this NASA video

Are aliens real? This is the question that has bugged mankind for centuries, and we all have our theory on whether there is another life form somewhere out there.

I, for one, believe there is. I think that space is way too big and that we haven't explored anywhere near enough of it for their not to be something lurking in the far corners somewhere. We don't know how many galaxies there are and we don't know what is in other galaxies, so by that theory, I think there is another life form out there.

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Whether aliens are real or not, that doesn't stop there being a load of freaks conspiracy theorists who love to debate the subject in great detail online.

If you're into all things supernatural, you might want to take a look at this footage, which has got alien conspiracy theorists in a frenzy. In the footage, which is taken from the International Space Station, people believe they have spotted signs of extra terrestrials, and believe that NASA are doing their best to cover it up.

While to most of us, the three circular looking objects may appear to be simply harmless clouds in the sky, YouTube account ThirdPaseOfMoon believe otherwise. The account is run by Blake and Brett Cousins, and they get the feeling that the unidentified flying objects signify something else.

Blake says: "We've got three strange anomalies...drifting downwards just above the earth's atmosphere. Is this something extra-terrestrial?"

His brother Brett adds: "They're definitely not lens flares. They look almost like smoke rings, that's what captured my eyes. They seem to be drifting. Could these be just anomalous clouds? I'm not sure."

Brett argues that it can't be clouds as it would be very strange to have clouds as small as these in such a vast area, considering there are no other clouds nearby. He goes on to say that he believes the rings could be portals or chemtrails.

Chemtrails, for those who are not up to speed with all of this UFO lingo, are the lines that are left in the sky by high-flying aircrafts. Theorists believe that chemtrails contain chemical or biological agents that will eventually land on mankind for an unknown reason.

The brothers say that the reason that they can't give a clear answer on what these objects represent is because NASA has downgraded the image quality for their live stream. The duo believe that this has been done deliberately in order to stop conspiracy theorists from discovering aliens.

Brett says: "We need to see HD and maybe 4K quality, 24/7 from NASA, and we should actually petition that. This is basically uncalled for.

"Seeing 480p, it's hard to really discern what is truth and what is fake."

Sadly for the pair, not many people are buying into their beliefs, with plenty of commenters saying that the three rings are simply clouds and nothing else.

I mean, looking at it from a neutral perspective, it's pretty clear that the objects are just clouds and nothing more serious. But whatever, each to their own. But that's not to say that there haven't been other conspiracy theories about astronauts, and not just about NASA. For instance, is it possible that the Soviet Union covered up the deaths of early cosmonauts?