Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolls his mom over 'Deadpool' costume

Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolls his mom over 'Deadpool' costume

When Ryan Reynolds isn't trolling his wife, his kids, his brother, Hugh Jackman, Josh Brolin, Henry Cavill, Betty White, the Kardashians, The Walt Disney Corporation, random people on the street, stray cats, and a tiny leprechaun only he can see, he's trolling his mom, Tammy Reynolds.

Last December, Ryan brought his mother to Brazil Comic-Con, and they posed together for a photo on the red carpet. But he uploaded it, he used his amazing Photoshop skills to decorate her face with more face tattoos than Post Malone. The caption read, "My Mom had the best time in the #Deadpool tattoo booth at Brazil Comic Con."

In April, rumors spread that Ryan and wife Blake Lively were splitting up. Ryan responded to the gossip sites sarcastically on Twitter, indicating that these reports were totally false. But still the rumors persisted, and Yahoo Entertainment referred to the scuttle in a tweet: "Ryan Reynolds joins Blake Lively and his mom on red carpet after shutting down split rumors." Ryan replied, "We’re never splitting. She’ll always be my mom. No matter how much jazz-cabbage she smokes with her rollerblading friends."

Now Ryan has nailed his mom again - wait, that doesn't sound right. Now Ryan has trolled his mom again, during an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. (It's like Brazil Comic-Con, but with less samba.) Ryan plays the smartass superhero Deadpool, and like all superheroes, he wears an extremely tight-fitting costume. At the Deadpool 2 panel, Ryan was asked how he manages to lubricate himself to squeeze into that red and black bodysuit.

Ryan replied, "It's a very specific system. It's a homemade recipe my mom came up with. She lives in Vancouver so she can come over and get it on me before we shoot." In fact, this method is so good at preventing chaffing, Ryan joked that she helps the entire cast squeeze into their costumes. "She did the whole cast actually before we came out here."

Tammy Reynolds actually joined her son at Comic-Con, so she probably heard his answer firsthand! During the panel, he was also asked what his mom thinks of his foul mouth. He replied, "Am I allowed to cuss in front of my mom? She's heard it all. I'm the youngest of four boys." Well, that's pretty cool his mom appreciates comic book conventions, and his irreverent sense of humor.

Ryan will next be seen - actually heard - in the Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu, playing the title character. Deadpool 3 and the Deadpool spinoff X-Force are currently in development. He's also developing an R-rated stoner version of Home Alone, entitled Stoned Alone. Variety reported it is about "a 20-something loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip and gets high at home — only to then discover that thieves have broken into his house." At least, I'm assuming this project real. This guy loves to troll!