Ryan Reynolds is making an R-rated stoner version of Home Alone

Ryan Reynolds is making an R-rated stoner version of Home Alone

Everybody loves the holiday classic Home Alone. It's the heartwarming story of a neglectful family that carelessly forgets to bring their youngest child with them on Christmas vacation. At first, eight-year-old Kevin enjoys the freedom of being home alone, watching gangster movies and pigging out on junk food. But when a pair of burglars target his house, the situation turns scary. Luckily, Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, is a clever, sadistic genius - part McGuyver, part Jigsaw, part Rube Goldberg. He rigs the house with creative booby traps that savagely injure the bandits. Take that, ya filthy animals!

The sequel was also a massive success. In Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, the McCallister family leaves Kevin behind, this time in the Big Apple. (Can someone call child services, please?) In a spectacular coincidence, he runs into the same two bandits from the first movie. After discovering they're going to rob a toy store, Kevin lures the burglars into a townhouse rigged with brutal booby traps. Yeah, it's the same movie again, but who cares? The formula works!

The franchise continued with three sequels that were not as successful. Probably because they each starred a totally new cast. But the series continues to inspire creative minds to this day. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is developing an R-rated stoner comedy inspired by Home Alone. Obviously, it is called Stoned Alone. Variety described the pitch:

"Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider wrote the script from an idea by Fox executive Matt Reilly with the project centering on a 20-something loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip and gets high at home — only to then discover that thieves have broken into his house."

Other websites have incorrectly described this project as a 'remake,' 'reboot' and 'revival.' It is not any of those things. It is just a comedy "reminiscent" of Home Alone. But it's possible they could bring in some Home Alone actors for cameos. I'm guessing not Donald Trump (Home Alone 2) or Scarlett Johansson (Home Alone 3). And probably not Joe Pesci (Harry), who is retired. But Daniel Stern (Marv), John Heard (Peter McCallister), Catherine O'Hara (Kate McCallister) and Macaulay Culkin would all probably be game.

Macaulay actually reprised his Kevin McCallister character in the Web series DRYVRS in 2015. As an adult, he's twitchy, strung out, traumatized and holds a huge grudge about his family. So, all in all, a pretty realistic vision of Kevin as an adult! During one rant, he pokes fun at how the dangerous bandits never swore, instead saying Yosemite Sam gibberish or the word "louse." But when a thief tries to break into the rideshare, he gets to put his skills in action.

It's unclear if Reynolds is going to star in the movie, or just be a producer. The actor will next be seen in the Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu. Currently Deadpool 3 and the Deadpool spin-off X-Force are being developed. But Deadpool will never be as vicious as Kevin McCallister. Wait, can Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin join the X-Force? That would be perfect.