These are the 20 highest paid actors of 2017

These are the 20 highest paid actors of 2017

The gender pay gap in Hollywood is under more intense scrutiny now than ever before.

While it may be easy to dismiss this as a champagne problem of the rich and famous, that same gender pay gap is mirrored throughout our society. Perhaps, then, while it might be galling for some to read about dizzyingly rich individuals complain about how much they are paid, it is worth remembering that their fight for equal pay has resonance in all walks of life.

Quite apart from that, in a society that likes to label itself as progressive, it is patently absurd that women - in Hollywood or otherwise - are paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same job.

With that in mind, then, here are Forbes' top earning actors for 2017 in reverse order.

20. Mark Ruffalo - $13 million 

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk Credit: Screen Rant

19. Chris Pratt - $17 million

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World

18. Chris Evans - $18 million

Chris Evans headshot Credit: Hollywood Reporter

17. Jeremy Renner - $19 million

Jeremy Renner red carpet Credit: ABC News

16. Matt Damon - $21 million

Matt Damon close up Credit: Hello Magazine

15. Ryan Reynolds - $21.5 million

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Credit: GQ

14. Ryan Gosling - $29 million

Ryan Gosling smiling

13. Samuel L Jackson - $30.5 million

Samuel L Jackson twitter photo Credit: Twitter

12. Tom Hanks - $31 million 

Tom Hanks headshot Credit: LA Times

11. Chris Hemsworth - $31.5 million

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

10. Akshay Kumar - $35.5 million 

Akshay Kumar on Twitter Credit: Twitter

9. Salman Khan - $37 million

Credit: India Today

8. Shah Rukh Khan - $38 million

Credit: The Indian Express

7. Tom Cruise - $43 million 

Tom Cruise red carpet Credit: NME

6. Robert Downey Jr. - $48 million 

Credit: Disney

5. Jackie Chan - $49 million 

4. Adam Sandler - $50.5 million 

Credit: Forbes

3. Vin Diesel - $54.5 million 

Credit: MTV

2. Dwayne Johnson - $65 million 

Credit: Instagram

1. Mark Wahlberg - $68 million

Credit: 2017 Invision

Emma Stone, meanwhile, was the highest paid actress of the year according to Forbes, having earned $26 million - sum that would have placed her at 15th on this list of actors.