11 stars you had totally forgotten were in 'Game of Thrones'

11 stars you had totally forgotten were in 'Game of Thrones'

It's weird to think that it has been eight years since Game of Thrones first aired. In the year's since episode one it has become probably the biggest show on television, with millions of fans across the world eagerly anticipating how it will all turn out in Westeros.

With such a massive cast, there were plenty of guest stars and upcoming actors who made their name in the show, but have been killed off so many episodes ago that we have all but forgotten about them. Here are some of them that we had totally forgotten appeared early on into its worldwide domination.

1. Roxanne McKee

Formerly on the English soap Hollyoaks and now appearing on the show Strike Back, McKee played handmaiden Doreah. She taught Daenerys the ways of pleasure, before ultimately being caught betraying the queen.

doreah game of thrones Credit: HBO

2. Burn Gorman

Gorman, of Torchwood and Pacific Rim fame, played one of the most despicable characters in the show's history: Karl Tanner. The night's watch brother turned on his commander and started a mutiny, later killed in combat with Jon Snow after many horrific deeds.

karl tanner game of thrones Credit: Getty

3. Finn Jones

While he may be better known now for playing Danny Rand in the Marvel Netflix show Iron Fist, we first saw Jones as Margaery Tyrell's brother Ser Loras.

loras game of thrones Credit: HBO

4. Will Tudor

Known for Shadowhunters and Humans, this actor appeared in seven episodes as Loras' lover Olyvar.

game of thrones olyvar loras Credit: HBO

5. Richard E. Grant

In what looked to be a guest star, but lasted for three episodes in season six, the actor played Izambaro, the lead actor of a Braavos theatre troupe.

game of thrones richard e grant Credit: HBO

6. Clive Mantle

Known for his numerous roles on British television over the last 30 years, including appearances on Sherlock and Shameless, Mantle played Jon Umber. Often called "the Greatjon", he fought for Robb Stark in the War of the Five Kings, before dying off screen.

game of thrones greatjon Credit: HBO

7. Roger Allam

With plenty of roles over the years in shows such as The Thick of It, Allam played Varys' ally Illyrio Mopatis, and was there for Daenerys' wedding to Khal Drogo. He was later replaced by Ian McNeice.

game of thrones illyrio Credit: HBO

8. Mackenzie Crook

The BAFTA-winner made his name in The Office, but most will know him for his comedic relief role in Pirates of the Caribbean. In Game of Thrones he played the wildling Orell, who would warg into an eagle.

orell game of thrones Credit: HBO

9. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

To me he will always be Lost's Mr. Eko, but in the HBO show he played Malko, a captain of a slaving ship who captured Jorah and Tyrion in season 5.

game of thrones malko Credit: HBO

10. Freddie Stroma

You may have seen him in UnREAL or as Cormac McLaggen in the Harry Potter films, but in season six he played Samwell's brother Dickon. Tom Hopper replaced him in the following season.

dickon game of thrones Credit: HBO

11. Rila Fukushima

Fukushima has appeared in both The Wolverine and the TV show Arrow, but she also had a brief but compelling appearance as a Red Priestess in season 5.

game of thrones red priestess Credit: HBO

While many of these characters didn't make it that far into the show, you've got to admit - having Game of Thrones on your resume is a pretty strong thing to have under your belt.