Video shows police officer punching a Miami football fan

Video shows police officer punching a Miami football fan

In a bizarre reversal of American fated violence, a black police officer punched a white woman in the face, and she got a felony for being attacked. In troubling footage coming out of a Miami Hurricanes game this past Saturday, a drunk and unruly football fan slapped a police detective named Douglas Ross.

In response, he shockingly delivered a powerful punch, drawing gasps and revulsion from onlookers. She was being carried out of the stadium, a person for each of her limbs, and was not cooperating, however there was a clear discrepancy in how hard she hit the officer versus how hard he chose to hit her. Treating police and security like rag dolls without consequences is not tenable for anyone. However, the force of the punch is drawing much criticism. The officer is in the wrong for punching a woman like that.

The Miami-Dade police, particularly its incarceration system, has been accused of intense brutality before. One prisoner, Darren Rainey, was burned alive in the showers of a Miami-Dade prison several years ago, and prison guards claimed it was a self-inflicted accident, though they locked him inside. President John Rivera of the Miami police union offered a statement, saying: “All he did was react to her actions." This will be decided by the public and the courts.

The Miami-Dade Police Department issued the following statement:

“Promoting a safe and secure environment during any special event is our primary concern. After responding to a disturbance, the person in the video was being removed from the event by our officers for being disorderly. She was subsequently arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Disorderly Conduct/Breach of the peace. Supervisory personnel are aware of the video and are reviewing the incident to ensure compliance with our policies and procedures.”

After slapping the officer, the woman, Bridget Freitas, has now been charged with a felony. After being punched in the face, it's still the citizen who gets reprimanded, not the cop. She can try to sue for excessive force, perhaps successfully, but the police will argue that she initiated violence, and had to be removed from the stadium by the force of multiple people beneath her limbs. The officer's excessive use of force will likely carry some kind of disciplinary review, which is ongoing by the department.

What do you think of this whole situation? Bridget Freitas will be charged for her attack on the police officer, showing once more that the law works for police, not citizens. She grazed his head with her slap, only for him to whip around and hit her hard with a right cross. She will likely sue if she has the money to do so. Excessive force is her strongest case here.

However, there was a shooting yesterday where 26 people were murdered in a church. It isn't noble or good to hold up every injustice on your shoulders and cry about them all. We can only do so much. Overwhelmed, we have to pick our battles carefully.