12 Tinder pickup lines smoother than anything you've ever done

12 Tinder pickup lines smoother than anything you've ever done

Since the launch of Tinder, the world of dating has changed. While you used to meet your future partner in the pub or in a club, you now find them on a lonely night staring at your mobile phone. Tinder has completely changed the way that we interact with each other and it has become the place that people go to in order to find love.

But, while Tinder undoubtedly has it's positives - for instance, it makes contacting people far less scary than going up to them in person - it also has its setbacks. As the whole experience is completely virtual, your opening line has to be dynamite. If you don't catch the person you are courting's attention, you aren't going to get very far. In light of this, we found 13 of the best opening lines ever seen, just to give you a bit of inspiration.

1. The joke that never ends

2. Dad jokes ftw

3. It was a genuine question

4. Is this the new version of Fairytale Of New York?

5. It's as easy as that

6. I can't breathe

7. Straight to the point

8. If all else fails... Joey

9. Tinder? Completed it.

10. Name puns are always great

11. I mean, I would block this person sharpish

12. Mother nature to the rescue

Hopefully, these opening lines give you some inspiration when it comes to stepping up your Tinder game. Judging by the above list, all you need is a good pun and you're away.