14 of the most hilarious memes about Valentine's Day

14 of the most hilarious memes about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is only three sleeps away (but who's counting? I'm not counting!), and you know well enough by now that there's no way of avoiding it. The flood of flowers landing on the desks of all your co-workers will inform you, as will the more-obvious-than-ever lovey-dovey couples parading their disgustingly joyous affections for one another down the street.

Yep, Cupid's holiday – AKA, Hallmark's genius/devious marketing plan to sell a boatload of greeting cards – is swiftly approaching, and it's here to remind all the singletons that they've achieved yet another year without being able to secure an amicable mate. But never fear, because most of us are in the same boat.

And at least we've got the internet to help console our woes in the form of memes and hilarious tweets devised to help make ourselves feel a whole lot better about February 14. Who doesn't want that? So here are 14 of the best memes that'll cheer even you, yes you, with your icy, stone-cold heart. (And yes, I've chosen 14 because it's obviously the most romantic number.)

1. Same

2. Well this is awkward

3. Find that silver lining...

4. I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING

5. Hey, but I also got a few e-newsletters too? 

6. And so the crazy cat lady prophecy begins...

7. Choose your side wisely


9. 2018 is all about self-love, people

10. The cosiest seat in the house

11. VOM

12. You're not alone, buddy, you're not alone

13. Genius!

14. And if all else fails...

Well, even if you do spend it alone – be your own Valentine and remember to love yourself, and that totally translates as permission to go and raid the discounted heart-shaped boxes of chocolates at the supermarket the next day.

And if that doesn't do the trick, then why not dive in and read the horror stories of other people's Valentine's Days gone wrong. Nothing like a bit of schadenfreude to lift your spirits, right?