17 pictures you should see if you’re thinking about cheating

17 pictures you should see if you’re thinking about cheating

When one partner finds out the other one has been unfaithful, it's typically the end of the relationship. It feels like the worst thing you could possibly do. However, some people have argued that we should change our stance on cheating. After all, it's pretty common, and there are things you could do that are more emotionally harmful. Also, why throw away your relationship when you might be able to repair it, like Jay-Z and Beyonce? For some couples, infidelity might not be the end of the road. It might just be a speed bump.

However, here's a good reason not to cheat: Your partner might get mad as hell, take revenge and publicly shame you on the Internet. It sucks for you, but makes great entertainment for everyone else! Here are 17 pictures you should see if you're thinking about being unfaithful.

1. Mixed messages

cheating text Credit: Imgur

2. It's a yard sale!

cheating yard Credit: Imgur

3. Bro's before ho's

cheating note guys Credit: Imgur

4. Swipe left

cheating tinder profile Credit: Imgur

5. Nice paint job

6. Say cheese!

caught cheating Credit: Imgur

7. Damn. Stay strong, Linnie

cheating husband sign Credit: Imgur

8. Honk, honk! (Should've written in bigger letters, though.)

cheating car note Credit: Imgur

 9. Awww, a card!

cheating card Credit: Imgur


cheating card Credit: Imgur

 10. Money well spent

cheating billboard Credit: Imgur

 11. It's a treasure hunt!

cheating note Credit: Imgur

 12. Game over

cheating playstation in sink Credit: Imgur

 13. Americans get revenge like this...

 14. ...and Brits get revenge like this.

 15. Sick sign!

cheater sign std Credit: Imgur

 16. Pure evil

cheating tattoos Credit: Imgur

 17. I'm glad these two are going to work things out.

cheating sign Credit: Imgur

As technology becomes more advanced, it gets easier and easier to catch cheaters. But most people seem to prefer to take their revenge the old-fashioned way, making signs, spray-painting graffiti, or writing adorably spiteful notes. It's nice to see our society hasn't gone totally digital. Make sure you never cheat on someone good at arts and crafts - their sign publicly condemning you will be very legible and aesthetically pleasing.

Anyway, if you're cheating on your partner, you should probably just tell them. Because if they catch you, you might end up like these poor people.

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