12 gross things passengers have been caught doing on airplanes

12 gross things passengers have been caught doing on airplanes

If you've ever flown before, you've probably encountered some strange behaviour from fellow passengers. Seat-kickers, messy eaters and screaming babies are all common occurrences - but they're just the tip of the mile-high iceberg.

Shawn Kathleen, an ex-flight attendant from the USA, began blogging about her stories of badly-behaved passengers several years ago in order to share her experiences with the world. Now, she runs an Instagram account called 'PassengerShaming', which is dedicated to exposing the gross and unacceptable behaviour exhibited by airplane travellers. Be warned, though - some of these are truly disgusting.

1) Caught in a hairy situation

Because where's the best place to trim your nose hair? In an airport, of course.

2) Taco look at this

If you're going to nap like that, maybe consider wearing underwear in future.

3) Smells like mean spirit

If the diaper was left there, I can only imagine the baby was changed on the food tray. Yuck.

4) Bare-chested, or bear-chested?

I don't know exactly what made this guy think that getting shirtless on a plane was a good idea, but I'm intrigued.

5) When you don't want to pay extra for leg room

I know it's pricey but, jeez, have some respect.

6) Urine big trouble if you do this

I've heard of taking the piss, but not leaving it.

7) How does someone even forget these?

Any excuse to avoid the in-flight meal, I guess.

8) This one's a proper bag lady

We might need an oxygen mask over here.

9) I'm positive that's not meant to be there

Fairly sure it'll give the next passenger in that seat a rather negative experience, too.

10) Some passengers can get pretty cocky

There is a time and a place for these things, but this is not it.

11) Blocked by the locks

Good luck enjoying the in-flight entertainment.

12) No

Just no.

So, there you have it. If we've learnt anything from these pictures, it's that some people are just 'plane' disgusting.