Man orders £42 veneers online and finds out why they're so cheap

Man orders £42 veneers online and finds out why they're so cheap

One of the fundamental rules you have to remember when shopping for a bargain is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This applies to everything from 'designer' brands you can pick up at a weekend market, to secondhand 'good as new' gadgets you always find on eBay for a criminally low price.

Sometimes, though, a deal is just too good to resist.

This was certainly the case for Ben Watson, a 19-year-old student from the UK, who decided to splash out a whopping £42 (approximately $57) on a set of veneers he found online. As you can guess, the product that turned up at his door a few days later looked less like a set of pearly whites and more like a rejected prop from a budget horror flick.

However, having made a significant investment in his new accessory, Watson decided he would at least try them out. He then sent a picture of the result to his friend, Mollie, who - being the excellent pal she is - did not hesitate in sharing the image with the world via Twitter.

And it's amazing.

But the hilarity doesn't end there.

Not only did Waston flash his newly improved cheesy grin for the camera, he also wore the veneers on a night out. In public. Where other people could see him.

Oh, and then he dropped them.

In an interview, Watson explained that he had wanted to invest in some fake teeth because he didn't like the appearance of his real ones in photographs. So, when he came across a whole set for a mere fraction of the usual cost (which can set a person back tens of thousands of dollars), he simply couldn't resist.

"I thought they were such a cheap price," Watson said. "I thought it'd be a really good investment. I thought, for the sake of going out, I'll put these in and thought nobody will be able to tell the difference."

How wrong he was.

"I just saw the teeth and thought it was the biggest mess up of my entire life," he said.

What's more, since the picture of him achieved a respectable amount of virality on the internet, Watson has actually been recognized as "that guy with the veneers".

"I went food shopping yesterday," he said. "And a mother and a daughter tapped me on the shoulder asking ‘Can I take a photo with you? You’re the guy with the veneers.’

"It’s the craziest thing."

Perhaps the funniest part about all of this is that Watson really had no need for the teeth. Here he is flashing his regular gnashers:

Sure, they might seem a teeny tiny bit out of place if Watson were on a Hollywood red carpet but, for a teenager in the UK, he probably has a fairly average set of chompers.

Besides, while £42 might seem a lot of money to spend on a useless product, it's not a bad price for a lot of laughs and five minutes of internet fame.