Meghan Markle's Christmas presents 'left the royals in tears'

Meghan Markle's Christmas presents 'left the royals in tears'

Meghan Markle is firmly on her way to becoming everyone's favourite royal. While it has only been a matter of weeks since her and Harry announced their engagement, Markle has been completely smashing it in terms of being a member of one of the most prestigious families in the world.

Whether it's her breaking of traditional, royal conventions, or the fact that she is unlike any other person to marry into the monarchy, Meghan has been a breath of fresh air and has made the Royal's that little bit more relatable to the public. Also, it turns out that she is absolutely sensational at buying Christmas presents.

This Christmas, Meghan spent the holidays with the Queen and co. Despite the pressure of having to buy a gift for people who have everything that they could possibly need, the former 'Suits' actress managed to deliver in epic fashion.

According to reports, the bride-to-be decided to opt against the classic gifts of shower sets and smellies, instead, she opted for something much more comedic - particularly when it came to he soon-to-be brother in law, Prince William.

Thinking outside of the box and seemingly poking fun at the likely-king, Meghan bought William a Tam O'Shanter hat. The hat, which is a traditional Scottish headgear, traditionally features a tartan hat with plenty of fake ginger hair poking out from underneath. A royal source said the joke went down well, saying:

"She bought William a Scottish cap with ginger hair.

"It was very funny - he saw the funny side too thankfully."

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Obviously not shy on confidence and backing her present-buying ability, Meghan also bought a funny present for Her Majesty The Queen. Rather than going for something traditionally associated with mother-in-law presents like perfume, Meghan bought Lizzie a singing toy hamster.

The present may have seemed like an odd choice, but apparently, it when down well with the 91-year-old.

"Meghan bought a little hamster that sings with a little rope for Her Majesty.

"It was so funny, especially when the corgis tried to take hold of the toy.

"She laughed and said 'they can keep my dogs company.'"

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It seems like Meghan isn't just going down well with the public, but also with her new family. Ever since her and Harry announced their engagement, she has been busy changing the perception of the family and its conventions - which can seem pretty outdated.

Meghan is a divorcee, something which will have upset the Royal purists and ruffled a few feathers.  The actress is also the first royal fiance to have spent time with the family on Christmas Day. According to the archaic rulings, brides-to-be don't tend to join in with the festivities until they are officially married.

Whatever your thought are on the royals, you can't deny the Meghan has changed the landscape of the family for the better. Not only is she a successful woman in her own right, but she is also modernising the family in more ways than one and seeming to enjoy herself along the way. Now, if only there was some way that we could make her queen?