10-year-old boy saved his brother's life after using move he learned from The Rock

10-year-old boy saved his brother's life after using move he learned from The Rock

Who says you don't learn anything from the movies?

It's not as if we go to see the latest explosive blockbuster to learn life skills, but as this heartwarming story revealed, we can find inspiration from the unlikeliest places. This young boy saved his 2-year-old brother from drowning, and he did it by copying what he saw on the big screen.

Jacob O'Conner, 10, was at his grandmother's house on July 25, happily watching television. His grandmother had a pool in her backyard, and they had been playing in it that day. His younger brother, Dylan, usually wore a swimming vest and arm bands when he entered the pool, just to be safe. But this day he entered without them, which nearly proved fatal.

hero son Credit: Patricia O’Blenes

He noticed that the toddler had opened the screen door, walked through and fallen into the pool. By time he got to him he realised he was unconscious, and at that moment remembered a recent movie he had watched. Leaping to action, he started to bring his brother back from the edge of death.

In San Andreas, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays a rescue helicopter pilot trying to save his daughter as an earthquake strikes the city. When a tsunami hits, his daughter almost drowns, and the heroic protagonist gives her CPR to save her. Luckily enough, this was Jacob's favourite movie.

Dwayne Johnson Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

"The movie just popped up in my head and I started thinking about that scene," Jacob told The Washington Post, “And that’s when I started doing the compressions". He did this for about thirty seconds until the child spit up water, then ran to get his grandmother.

She gave him mouth to mouth and called 911, then the boy's mother as the ambulance arrived. Speaking to C&G News, the grandmother explained:

"I ran to the back door and ran outside. Dylan was laying on the deck and he was not responsive. At that point, Jacob said he had pulled Dylan out of the pool, and before he came to get me gave him chest compressions. It was the scariest day in my life, because I didn't know what was going to happen, how long he had been in"

The grandmother said she had her screen door locked, the doorwall locked and the gate to the pool locked. But the 2-year-old was more adept than they anticipated. By the next day Dylan was back to normal, though Jacob is pretty matter-of-fact about the events. "In most movies, that's what they do," he explained, "They try to save the person first, and if it's not working, they go get someone".

hero son with family Credit: Patricia O’Blenes

As you can expect, the mother of the two was beyond relieved, and glad to have such a resourceful son in Jacob. "He is a hero," she told C&G News, "When I saw him, I gave him the biggest hug and I told him, 'It's because of you that he's still here. You saved his life'."

This event didn't go unnoticed by The Rock himself, as Johnson saw the story and tweeted out his response to the 10-year-old's heroism:

And as you can expect, the internet loved the events that unfolded

Now that Jacob has shown his talent for life-saving, maybe a career as a helicopter rescue pilot isn't too far-fetched? Either way, we know the family won't be letting little Dylan out of their sights for a long time to come.