'Cash Me Outside' girl is starting a career as a rapper

'Cash Me Outside' girl is starting a career as a rapper

Alright, it's time to pack it in. Rap had a good run, but you know, like all genres of music, the wheel continues to turn. Sure, there are amazing talents like Joey Badass, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Vince Staples and Jay-Z, but if Danielle Bregoli can do it, I'm not sure these guys would be too pleased.

In the conversation surrounding cultural appropriation, where does a white 14-year-old girl famous off a viral meme, then adopting a black art form, enter into things? Probably right at the core of the issues! Nevertheless, Danielle Bregoli, who became famous for stoically cussing-out her mother on Doctor Phil, is now going to be spitting some hot garbage, I mean flames, fire, on tracks produced by xanax-addled teens.

Danielle bregoli cash me outside Credit: Billboard

It all started this past February, when Bregoli used her friendship with extremely popular Florida trap rapper Kodak Black to appear in one of his videos, flexing cash and otherwise posing in his song 1K Everything. That flexing was 90 per cent of what a rapper does, so all she had to do was pen some nursery rhymes, return in a few months, and hop on a track.

That is precisely what she did. Here's a sampling of her ideas so far:

"Water, water drippin,’ come take a peek, you in a trailer hoe, but you can’t compete,"

It's nice to see that she's latched on to class elitism so quickly! Plus, she has bars directly aimed at providing insight into the state of 14-year-old modern life:

“Red cup know that Kool-Aid/Got me fed up you hoes too fake/One minute he a man, he a ride or die/Next minute on the ground with a new bae,"

Danielle bregoli cash me outside Credit: In Touch Weekly

And, of course, "shame on these hoes":

"These hoes, these hoes, shame on these hoes/I’m in the Maybach, I heard you got a repo,”

Bregoli's first song will be called 'These Heaux', surely a feminist anthem, and her rap name will be the same moniker she's used on Instagram - Bhad Bhabie.

Now, it's easy to be cynical about this, but quite frankly, we're seeing the ethos of the new generation come up before our eyes. Instagram live-streams, forced rap careers, memes, and adolescents trying to live like burnt-out twenty-somethings is the ideal for a growing segment of the population. How else could Xanax become so popular, if not to sedate the soul?

Among young people today, becoming an actor or a singer is no longer the dream. People idolize YouTube stars like Jake Paul, Instagram stars like Bregoli, and both of them are rappers. Why? Because rap is popular, and it makes money.

Danielle bregoli cash me outside Credit: Refinery29

But it's worth remembering that the roots of rap are in the black and hispanic American experience. Rap was once a subculture despised by the mainstream, and today, even though the music is popular, being black has not become any less exploitable in America.

Rappers get signed into absurd 360 deals, where even legends like Lil Wayne become unable to release their records due to twisted chains of financial ownership. As Kanye West rapped on his album Yeezus: "I know that we the new slaves".

Objectively, there's no way to argue that Bregoli's talent is the motivation for her rap career. We must admit that the motive is cash and fame, and indeed, she will remain cashed outside for the foreseeable future. Oh, and by the way, did I mention Black Chyna, another celebrity not known for her pen or music skills, is also becoming a rapper?