Couple coordinate their outfits with their pet tortoise

Couple coordinate their outfits with their pet tortoise

Animal superstars are part and parcel of the internet. There's countless famous cats and dogs, but one member of the Animal Kingdom that rarely finds themselves in the viral limelight is the humble tortoise.

However, that's not going to be the case for much longer thanks to this couple who coordinate their outfits with their pet tortoise.

Watch Ethel strut her stuff in her outfits below: 

The lovely Ethel, who is pictured above with her owners Kasey Kuchinski, 33, and Daniel Rodriguez, 33, from Sonoma, California, became an Instagram sensation when the couple decided to jump on the online trend of coordinating their outfits.

Because she is very much part of the family, so much so that they see her as their baby, she naturally joined in too.

Kasey has a background in design so creating matching outfits for her 20lb Sulcata tortoise was not a problem.

Now, Ethel and her owners' many matching outfits are showcased on her Instagram page where she currently boasts an impressive 36.7K followers (however, as we're sure you'll agree, this is a number that's only going to increase).

While not all animals like dressing up, Ethel seems completely unphased by her many outfits, and according to her owners on Instagram, she got a particular thrill out of this spa day look as she got to eat the cucumber slices!

Her mom and dad wrote: "It's #ethelsfamilyphotofriday again! We've been taking it easy all January, and we feel rested up and totally rejuvenated! Our at home spa day was so nice (even though Ethel ate all the cucumbers) and Ethel had a nice relaxing deep shell massage!"

Ethel even got her glam on for Valentine's Day.

This incredibly loving picture of her posing in front of her owners was captioned: "Happiest Valentines [sic] Day loves! We hope you're spending some time with those you love today whether they be human or animal!"

Needless to say, if you want to keep up with Ethel's many looks, you can follow her on Instagram at EthelTheGlamourTort.