Amazon is now selling a heated house for cats

Amazon is now selling a heated house for cats

We're on the cusp of a potentially harsh winter and as such, many of us are preparing for the cold by investing in electric blankets, portable heaters and thermal clothing.

But here's a not-so-fun-fact: cats get cold too. Yep, don't let that thick fur fool you! You'd really be doing them a solid by purchasing, say, a heated mini-house in which they can retreat when the plunging temperatures get a bit much for them.

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Well, courtesy of Amazon, you can do just that. The retailer is selling a product called the K&H Outdoor Kitty House which is available in both heated and unheated models. According to Amazon, this heated house is excellent for use in barns, garages, porches, and anywhere your cat might need additional warmth and protection.

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"K&H products are made with high-quality materials for your pet's comfort and your family's safety," the retailer writes in the product's description.

The house contains a "heated bed", allowing your kitty the opportunity to enjoy many a warm slumber - even in sub-zero temperatures. It is thermostatically controlled by an internal preset thermostat, which, according to the e-commerce giant, safely keeps your pet warm.

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The house is made with 600 denier polyester which makes it water-resistant, and the walls and roof are insulated to protect your cat from the harsh elements of winter. The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House features two exits with removable plastic flaps so they have sufficient protection against predators while not being trapped in the house.

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The top-selling item is easy to assemble with no tools required and includes a one-year limited warranty. It has also been getting rave reviews from customers, with the majority of them being five-stars.

"Our cat needed a place to stay warm outside," one buyer wrote. "He loves the cat house. When he walks pit of his house his tummy is all warm so I know the heating pad is working good. Great value for the money. Our cat is about 18lbs so I would say it would fit up to a 25lb pet. Or a couple of small cats."

Credit: Amazon

"My ferals loved this house last winter, and still use it on cooler nights (with heating pad off)," added another. "I wish it was waterproof but the trash bag worked well keeping them dry! The heating pad cover was filthy so that will need to be replaced this winter. Definitely would recommend this cat house!"

"We are amazed to receive so much value for such a reasonable price," wrote a third. "We are 100% satisfied and recommend this product without hesitation!"