Angry Honey badger rescued from python attack by jackals - before turning on them too

Angry Honey badger rescued from python attack by jackals - before turning on them too

A honey badger has proven itself to be one of the fiercest animals on the planet.

The animal miraculously survived what would have been a deadly python attack thanks to the help of two jackals - before going on to slay the snake with their help. But instead of sharing the meal with them, the badger went onto fight off the jackals too!

To see the jaw-dropping fight for yourself, check out the video below: 

The shocking footage was captured by 60-year-old Roselyne Kerjosse last month while on safari at in Chobe Park, Botswana. Needless to say, when she began recording, she thought the honey badger was about to lose its life.

Unfortunately for the snake, what looked like an easy meal soon turned into a deadly three against one attack. However, what no one could have predicted was that the most vulnerable animal would emerge victorious.

A python being attacked by jackals and a honey badger. Credit: Caters Screenshot

Kerjosse said that when she stumbled across the badger slowly being strangled by the snake, she was upset because she had hoped to see one on safari. This was because of their reputation for being brave and tenacious, which, incredibly, proved to be the case.

After the footage was posted to YouTube by Caters News, people were quick to weigh in on the impressive showdown.

One viewer wrote: "Honey badger definitely earned that meal and he/she ain't sharing."

A second remarked: "Rhinos just casually strolling through in the background are like, 'Welcome to the 'Hood, bro.'"

Whereas a third simply declared: "Best WWE smackdown of 2019."

A badger attacking a python. Credit: Caters Screenshot

Meanwhile, in other safari-related news, these tourists had a narrow escape after their jeep was chased by a lion, and this lion went as far as to climb onto a jeep full of tourists mid safari.

In short, Mother Nature is fierce.