Animal sanctuary looking for volunteers to cuddle pigs and feed them cookies

Animal sanctuary looking for volunteers to cuddle pigs and feed them cookies

Pigs might be the perfect animal. They’re sweet, loyal, intelligent and just generally adorable creatures. (If they didn’t taste so nice, they might be just as popular as dogs.)

However, despite being the best thing in the farmyard, some people don’t treat pigs with the respect that they deserve. This can lead to some animals becoming neglected, or even abused. Thankfully, there are other people out there who are determined to help these animals find the home that they deserve. 

Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary is a charitable foundation, set up to take care of animals like this. As they explain on their website:

“While there are many shelters and rescue organizations for animal companions such as cats and dogs, and wildlife, there is a lack of sanctuary for farm animals, who make up 98% of the animals killed in the US each year. We exist to help those animals.”

Now, they’re on the hunt for volunteers to help look after their pigs. 

In a recent Facebook post, the sanctuary declared that they were looking for new members of their “Piggy Cuddler Team”, adding:

“We need help with pig socialization so our adoptable residents can move into our adoption program with ease! What is better than to cuddle with piggies?!?!”

Listed duties include “belly scratches”, “cookie feeding”, and “talking to our pig friends (to) get them ready for their next home.”

Before long, the post was inundated with positive responses. As per The Mirror, one enthusiastic hopeful wrote: 

"The idea of being a piggie cuddler makes me cry all the tears. All of them. I live in Canada and I am seriously considering taking some vacation/self-care time for this incredible volunteer opportunity."

Another added: "I just love pigs, they are sweet precious animals. I would love to take a trip to your sanctuary and cuddle these cuties. God bless you for saving them and the other animals."

In order to take part in the program, applicants must “be 18 years or older, or between 16 and 18 years old and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.” Other than that, there’s little stopping you from having a memorable piggy Californian experience.

If you'd like to sign up, click HERE.