Appalling video shows group of friends smashing a cake into lion's face

Appalling video shows group of friends smashing a cake into lion's face

In a widely-condemned viral video, several men gather around a lion as another shoves a cake into its face.

These men then burst into laughter in what appears to be a celebration as the lion tries to paw at its face in distress.

The video was initially shared onto Twitter by biologist Daniel Schneider, along with criticism of the as-of-yet unnamed people featured in the clip.

lion cake face viral video Credit: Twitter/@BiologistDan

It has since gone on to be retweeted nearly 3,000 times, amassing over 8,000 likes and 830,000 views. However, it is not yet known where the video originated from.

"Each and every person in this video needs to have cake thrown in their face, every hour on the hour, for the rest of their lives," Schneider wrote in the original tweet. "Why is it so hard to be kind to animals?"

Here's the awful video:

Many people online are hoping to identify the men in the video and find out what happened to the lion. Comedian and animal rights advocate Ricky Gervais has also come forward, describing the men as "dirty, worthless filth" in a tweet.

Though he wasn't the only one, with thousands of others condemning the men in the video for their actions.

"The absolute disgusting ignorance, and cruelty of man to take advantage of another being’s innocence and vulnerability is the ultimate sign of weakness," Twitter user @AJYeend wrote. "These men make be sick."

Hopefully those responsible will face consequences for their actions, and the lion finds itself in a safer environment.