Cat with rare form of dwarfism will stay kitten-sized forever

Cat with rare form of dwarfism will stay kitten-sized forever

A rescue cat has been diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism which means that he will stay kitten-sized forever.

Named Munchie, the adorable seven-month-old cat was found abandoned back in September 2019 and taken to Wolverhampton veterinary practice. There, he met his would-be mom, Emily Tomlinson, who works there, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The video below was captioned: "Trying to get some housework done this morning so I've left Munchie to entertain himself."

Watch Munchie playing with his toys: 

It is believed that Munchie was abandoned at the age of three or four weeks old because he has cloudy eyes, a condition that many mistakenly believe affects a cat's eyesight, when, in reality, it doesn't affect their vision in any way.

But some months after being adopted by Emily, it became clear that he did have a condition, but it was one that no one expected - a rare form of dwarfism which means that Munchie will remain the size of a kitten for the rest of his life.

Sharing the revelation on Instagram, Emily, 29, wrote: "Blood results came back and It looks like I'm a hypoparathyroidism kitten, this condition is so rare!"

The revelation was made after Munchie fell unwell on Boxing Day and collapsed. It was at this point that it was discovered that he had a calcium level of 0.52 as opposed to the normal range of 1.9.

Emily said that she's only heard of one other cat with the condition, and it is not based in the UK, where she and Munchie live. But while very little is known about the condition, it's clear that Munchie is in good hands, and he is expected to have a normal lifespan.

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