Couple build 13ft bed so they can sleep with their seven dogs

Couple build 13ft bed so they can sleep with their seven dogs

A couple has built a giant 13ft bed so that they can retreat to the Land of Nod in the company of their seven doggos.

Now, as we all know, even when you're just sharing with a partner, co-habiting a sleeping space can be tricky. One of you might like to sleep as snug as a bug and need as much of the duvet as possible, but that's no excuse for leaving bae out in the cold.

Check out this is the couple's DIY bed that fits them and their seven dogs: 

When you add animals into the equation, things can become nigh on impossible. As much as my cats love snoozing away at the end of the bed, there simply isn't room for them - not that the lack of space puts them off trying to get the comfiest sleeping spot in the house!

One couple in Alabama, however, decided to take action to solve this problem by building a giant 13ft bed for themselves and their seven dogs.

Watch as this playful pitbull pretends to FAINT to avoid having her nails clipped:

Jennifer Taylor, 49, and her husband Steve, 60, explained that they didn't want to have to choose between having a good night's sleep and sharing with their pets, so they simply created a bed big enough for them and their seven pooches.

The couple, who have been married for 24 years, said that their impressive creation took just days to complete.

A woman on a custom-made bed with her dogs. Credit: Caters Screenshot

So what exactly is this monster human-dog-bed hybrid made from? Well, two king-sized mattresses $610 (£470) and two doors $19.46 (£14), which is what the bed's headboards are made from - headboards they painted "to make them look nice".

Things didn't end there and the couple added $325 (£250) worth of wood to create the bed, with Jennifer admitting they "kind of winged the whole thing", and because their pooches are small, they created steps as "all seven of them only have little legs".

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Jennifer and Steve have five long-haired dachshunds and two French Bulldogs.

What do you think of the bed? Is it the paw-fect sleeping solution for this big family?