Diver captures moment shark and octopus fight to the death

Diver captures moment shark and octopus fight to the death

A diver has captured the shocking moment a shark and an octopus fought to the death.

The footage was filmed in Manta Point in Bali in February 2020 by the owner of Nico Dives Cool Bali, thirty-eight-year-old Nicolas Resimont.

Watch the fight to the death below: 

In the footage, the shark can be seen approaching the octopus which is, at first, barely visible on the ocean floor. However, after the shark bites into the octopus, it wraps its tentacles around the shark's face in a desperate fight for its life.

Despite being throttled by the shark, the octopus fights with every fiber of its being. It is then continually throttled until its head is removed from its body and ink spills out into the ocean water.

This fisherman fought off a great white shark with a spear: 

The shark featured above is a bamboo shark, and after biting the head off of the common octopus, it swallows it whole before swimming off in search of its next prey (although, in this instance, victim might be a more appropriate word).

However, don't let this video fool you. According to the Octo Lab, there are known instances where sharks have been eaten by octopuses. This is done by suffocation because octopuses, if you didn't already know, don't have a single bone in their bodies!

Believe it or not, a once-in-a-lifetime battle between an eagle and an octopus was also captured on camera:

If that doesn't make you think twice about the capabilities of an octopus, we don't know what will! Who'd have thought that they were capable of such ferocity?!

Meanwhile, in other shark-related news, these surfers unknowingly paddled over a great white shark on NSW South Coast in Australia, and this shark was left to bleed out after getting its head stuck in a diving cage.