Farmer finds python regurgitating missing 40kg goat after swallowing it whole

Farmer finds python regurgitating missing 40kg goat after swallowing it whole

A farmer plagued by missing goats discovered the source of the problem when he found one being regurgitated by a python.

The incident took place in front of shocked villagers in Quanzhou, Fujian in southeast China. It took a full hour for the snake to regurgitate the 40kg goat, and villagers had to step in and help by massaging its stomach and pulling its trail.

To see the incident for yourself, check out the video below: 

The farmer identified only as Mr. Yao said that he has lost 20 goats since the beginning of the year - naturally, putting a huge strain on his resources. He discovered the python regurgitating one of the goats when he went to look for it.

After locating the missing animal, Mr. Yao sought out the help of villagers and police.

A python that's eaten a goat. Credit: Newsflare / Screenshot 

Mr. Yao explained that the animal's tail had to be pulled to a higher ground so it could more easily regurgitate the goat. He said that it took around an hour for the goat to fully emerge from the snake.

In the video above, the python can be seen regurgitating the goat, legs first, before eventually throwing up its body and head.

It is a well-known fact that pythons typically chose to eat larger prey, which they consume whole because they only eat a handful of times a year. They kill their prey by constriction; aka suffocating it to death.

A regurgitated goat. Credit: Newsflare

Once the goat was regurgitated, the python was removed from the area and taken to Anxi Temporary Wild Animal Shelter, where it will later be re-released into the wild (presumably a safe distance away from livestock).

Talk about biting off more than you can chew...

However, this python is far from the first to select an ambitious meal. Check out this disturbing moment, when a guy stumbled across two giant snakes trying to devour each other