10 Ridiculously cute Halloween costumes for your cat

10 Ridiculously cute Halloween costumes for your cat

Halloween is fast approaching, which means that - if you don't have one already - you really ought to be scouting for a good costume right about now. Maybe hit up your nearest thrift store and see if there's anything you can get crafty with, or, if you're feeling lazy, go online and get yourself a classic devil/witch/Donald Trump costume on next day delivery.

Oh, and while you're at it, you might want to pick up something for your cat.

No, seriously - cat costumes are a thing. And there's plenty to choose from...

1. Bumblebee

Make sure your moggie is the queen bee of the party with this get-up from Meowingtons.

cat bee costume Credit: Meowingtons

2. Sushi

Sushi me rollin', they hatin'... make your kitty look like an absolute snack with this gear from Petco.

sushi cat Credit: Petco

3. Bat

Cats are already pretty spooky without costumes, but add a pair of Amazon black bat wings and *boom* instant added creepiness. (Or cuteness.)

amazon bat costume Credit: Amazon

4. Pizza

Let your cat grab a slice of the action this Halloween with this costume from Amazon.

cat dressed as pizza Credit: Amazon

5. King/Queen

Your kitty probably already thinks it rules the house, so why not pop down to Petco and get them an outfit to match their ego?

cat dressed as queen Credit: Petco

6. Dragon

When I was a kid, I wanted a pet dragon. I never got one, but - thanks to Amazon - I can now have the next best thing.

dragon pet costume Credit: Amazon

7. Lion

Cats love to be the 'mane' event at the party, so why not indulge them with this Amazon accessory?

lion cat Credit: Amazon

8. Peacock

Cats are notorious enemies of birds, so this costume from Meowingtons is probably legitimately scary for them.

cat dressed as peacock Credit: Meowingtons

9. Police Officer

Cop kitty is here to protect and serve (and lick his own butt) - available at Meowingtons.

police cat costume Credit: Meowingtons

10. Magician

Is she a magician? Is she a vampire? Who cares! This Amazon outfit is so cute, it doesn't really need any further details.

cat in a costume Credit: Amazon

So, my fellow cat-lovers, go out and get yourself some of these outfits and dress up your little fur babies. Be warned, though, they might need a little convincing to get into the Halloween spirit - and you may end up with some vampirish puncture wounds if you don't tread carefully.