Absolutely massive cat 'Big Boi Mr. B' is looking for his forever home

Absolutely massive cat 'Big Boi Mr. B' is looking for his forever home

I don't know about you, but the bigger the cat the better. And those who agree will no doubt fall for a certain feline known on the internet as "Big Boi Mr. B".

Mr. B - also referred to as BeeJay - is residing at Morris Animal Refuge, and is searching for his forever home, where he will no doubt be given the indulgent lifestyle he deserves. In fact, Mr. B recently went viral as a result of his heft, after the shelter took to Facebook to seek a home for him.

Per the social media post, which has garnered over 6.8K shares, Mr B. weighs a whopping 26lbs, and is a "jumbo-sized package of fluff & love".

The post reads: "OMG, big boi Mr. B is a CHONK. He’s a chonk of a chonk. He redefines the term. Can you guess how much he weighs? More importantly, can you give him a home? Adopt this jumbo-sized package of fluff & love, and help this sad-eyed guy find happiness!"

Doesn't this just make your heart melt?

Naturally, people fell in love with the giant cat. "He is one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen. My heart melted! I want to cuddle up with him and give him all my love!" wrote one social media user, while another corroborated "Is this gorgeous gentleman still available? Would love to give his royal furriness a home. Obviously you’re inundated…but I’m still gonna call you tomorrow because LAWD what a prince!!!"

"Keep us posted as to who is fortunate to adopt this beautiful boy! Hope someone can change the sadness in his eyes to a reflection of feeling loved," added a third.

Morris Animal Refuge took to Facebook once again to share an update on the cat, and to implore people to choose to rescue pets. "UPDATE: We are overwhelmed by the number of wonderful people ready to give Mr. B his fur-ever home. We are excited to find him a home soon, but he's not quite ready to go home yet," they wrote.

In less heartwarming news, this woman was arrested for feeding stray cats: 

"He still needs a more thorough check up by our vet. We will announce as soon as he's ready to go! Just can't wait to add a furry friend to your life? Adopt one of our other wonderful kitties that are patiently waiting for you to come scoop them up!"

Find out about how to adopt Mr. B, and all the good work the shelter do here.