Aldi is selling a Nerf tennis ball launcher for dogs

Aldi is selling a Nerf tennis ball launcher for dogs

Any dog walkers out there will know the joy of arriving at the local park, letting your pooch off the leash, and throwing a tennis ball for them to run at fall speed to go and fetch. However, after the 127th throw in the space of 15 minutes, the fun starts to wear off a little bit (but only for you, your dog still loves it).

Well, now you can inject even more fun and joy into your dog walks, with this incredible Nerf tennis ball launcher made specifically for your furry friends.

And surprise, surprise, this ingenious product is being sold by everybody's favorite budget supermarket, Aldi.

Check out this leaked Aldi employee training video (I'd actually love to work there):

The product's official description on the Aldi website reads:

"If the family dog enjoys games of fetch, give them a game that's really exciting with this brilliant Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Launcher. A great interactive toy your dog will adore, simply pull the trigger back and press to blast the ball up to 50 feet in the air. They will love chasing the ball, and your arm won't get tired from throwing, making it a great addition to your walkies."

Credit: Aldi

(My brother and I used to have a lot of fun with Nerf guns, so the fact we can now get the dog involved is my birthday, Christmas, and WrestleMania wrapped up into one.)

The awesome toy also comes with three tennis balls and a hands-free pick up (meaning no more dog slobber on your fingers).

Credit: Aldi

One five-star review for the product reads: "If you have any issues with throwing a ball for your dog (or children) this is a must for you. The distance is as quoted and its easy to cock and fire [sic]".

Another happy customer writes: "I bought this for a friend with joint problems who had difficulty throwing a ball. It is not only painless but as she has a big garden she can shoot it from the back door when the weather is bad and not be in danger of falls."

And a final five-star reviewer writes: "Great for the dog, however our son now thinks it better used as a Nerf Bazooka!"

Credit: Aldi

The product is currently on sale for just £10.99 ($14.29 USD) as part of Aldi's Specialbuys in January, and can also be ordered from their online store.

Aldi has always been my favorite store, and now it's my dog's!