Alpaca spits in presenter's face on live TV, leaving co-host in hysterics

Alpaca spits in presenter's face on live TV, leaving co-host in hysterics

When you're making a live TV show, it's an unwritten rule among producers, cameramen, and runners that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And when it comes to filming live with animals, then you can multiply that axiom by 100.

On YouTube, you can see all kinds of videos of times when a news anchor is forced to present a segment with a furry creature that turns against them at the worst possible time. But the following footage might be the most egregious yet!

The video in question stems from the British talk show This Morning, and shows hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield embroiled in a hilarious gaffe with a particularly grouchy alpaca.

An image of alpacas. Credit: PA Images

In the latest episode of the popular talk show, two alpacas, named Spitfire and Pete, were invited into the studio. Before the segment began, Willoughby decided to share a cringeworthy blooper with the audience.

Speaking directly to the camera, Willoughby stated: "Just before we came on air, you will see that Pete looked him straight in the eye and spat at him."

She then replayed the clip from earlier in the filming, where the two hosts met the alpacas and their handlers. When Schofield went up close to pet Pet, the grouchy animal pulled back, staring at him, and loudly spat right in his face.

Have a look at the hilarious alpaca spitting incident here:

As Schofield flinched and drew back, Willoughby collapsed into a fit of hysterical giggles over the embarrassing blooper. She later asked Schofield: "It's one of the best things that I've ever see. What did it feel like?" to which he simply replied: "Warm and wet."

Yup: alpacas are a lot like lamas and camels; they're well known for spitting if they feel intimidated. My advice? Learn to keep your distance with them.