B&M is now selling bargain garden sun loungers for dogs

B&M is now selling bargain garden sun loungers for dogs

With summer on the way and temperatures heating up, more and more people will be going outdoors and playing with their pets in the garden. But what if you and your furry friend want to enjoy some downtime together? You might want to have a lie-down and chill out, but feel bad that your dog can't enjoy the same luxury.

However, pet owners should rejoice: bargain British homeware retailer B&M has made the bold move of selling special sunloungers for dogs, at the low price of £14.99

Check out this adorable video of a dog being reunited with their owner:

The raised beds are apparently suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can protect them from harmful parasites and insects that lurk in the lawn in the garden. The beds are available in grey and green and they come in the sizes of 129cm x 80cm.

Credit: B&M

The product has now gone viral on social media, after being spotted by a shopper in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook, who shared pictures of her two dogs and wrote: "£15 from B&M. Friends have paid £69 for beds just like these.. and so far they seem fab.

"Deffo a bargain to keep their bones off the hard floors."