Dog makes accidental modelling debut by walking down the runway at fashion show

Dog makes accidental modelling debut by walking down the runway at fashion show

Lots of pet owners around the world believe that their dog has the potential to be a model. Not a model for human clothes mind you, but maybe some kind of doggie that could potentially harness its own cuteness to appear in adverts on websites and in magazines for all manner of canine-related products. Unfortunately, despite what that well-known idiom would have you believe; not every dog has his day. What would it take for a doggo to become famous, and even make it as a model? Well as it turns out, all it needs is a stage, lights, cameras, and a hell of a lot of luck.

Well, this week a stray Indian dog managed to make a spectacular catwalk debut, and footage of the pup's strut has already gone viral on social media. The female dog (which is apparently a mongrel breed) made her sudden surprise appearance during designer Rohit Bal’s fashion show this week in Mumbai, India. While star models Sidharth Malhotra and Diana Penty strutted their stuff, the golden pooch simply trotted onto the podium from offstage and wowed the cameramen and photographers with its effortless style and grace.

The organisers of the fashion show attempted in vain to shoo the doggo off the stage, but the brave hound managed to jump off the catwalk leave on her own terms. The models were a lot more accommodating and welcoming of the dog, and one of them even gave the good girl a little stroke. Awwww. This story even bears a remarkable similarity to a similar incident which occurred in October 2018, in which a real cat strutted down the catwalk at the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey, to the amusement of the audience.

Predictably, the reaction on social media to the dog's surprise appearance was wholly complimentary, and many people who watched the bizarre clip online expressed their admiration of the pooch. One Twitter user wrote: "The only model that matters is the one that acknowledged and pet the cute doggy." Someone else tweeted: "Dogs have a way of bringing out the good in people. He made the show even more exciting. So cute," while another person chimed in: "Thanks for patting the dog. He was so happy to be there. I hope someone adopted him."

However, another Twitter user was more cynical about the dog's fate, writing: "Given how many strays there are in India and the fact that some people look down on helping strays, I would be surprised. There are a ton of videos on YouTube about it," and another person added: "All those models who didn't pet him need to rethink themselves. The two little pets he did get are the best people in this whole video. And the pup hopefully gets a loving home."

Who knows? Maybe the dog is already famous enough to be adopted by a big-name designer. We could see her in Paris any day now...