Introducing the greatest Halloween costume of all time: this dog, who went as a mop

Introducing the greatest Halloween costume of all time: this dog, who went as a mop

Halloween is now officially just around the corner. To be more precise, it's on Thursday.

What does this mean for you? Practically, not a great deal. If you work for a startup, you'll most likely be required to dress in some 'whacky' costume for the day that serves literally no purpose other than making you uncomfortable and too hot. Outside of that, you'll only need to get a costume sorted if you're heading out for a wild night on the tiles, or to a dingy house party in Clapham that's sparsely populated and almost entirely personality free.

This couple made a 13ft bed for themselves and their seven dogs:

Or, of course, if you're a child. Or, more accurately, a parent to a child. If you are a parent, then you've most likely already got your kid's Halloween costume sorted ahead of time, but fear not if you're yet to take the plunge, as there's a great deal of inspiration out there on the internet right now.

Earlier in the year we brought you news of a set of Baby Shark Halloween costumes for the whole family, but if you're quietly hoping to ween your young'un off singing the Baby Shark song for time immemorial, then allow me to introduce you to an altogether unlikely source of inspiration.

This is Keki, a Hungarian puli who, along with their owner, pulled off without doubt the greatest Halloween costume of them all back in 2017.

The costume even inspired this poem:

And everyone was just generally extremely taken with this brilliant doggo and owner.

So while it would be quite hard to pull off this mop and bucket look with a fellow human, hopefully Keki and owner have inspired you to think outside the box and pull off something truly creative this Halloween. Keki, your legacy as a true Halloween influencer is secure.

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