Man discovers his cat is suffocating him in his sleep after installing hidden cameras

Man discovers his cat is suffocating him in his sleep after installing hidden cameras

Cats love a little TLC, but most of the time, it has to be on their terms. They often reject your affection when you try to pet them, but when they suddenly want cuddles when you're busy, you have to pay attention or face their wrath.

This cat, however, chooses to wait until his owner is asleep to get the closeness it craves. Lomphonten Lomphontan from Thailand has a tabby cat named Achi. We always knew cats were sneaky, but this one is out for blood.

Lomphonten checked his pet cam, (which he installed to keep track of Achi while he was out and about) after he started having trouble breathing at night. Maybe he was sleeping in the wrong position, or maybe wretched nightmares caused him to pant.

As it turns out, Lomphonten found that his cat was the culprit, as he loves sleeping on his face. Weird, huh?

Upon checking the footage, Lomphonten saw that Achi watches him while he sleeps, sometimes checking to make sure he's really asleep by pawing his eyes. Then, Achi climbs on his face to settle in for the night.

Lomphonten told The Dodo that he thinks his cat's odd behaviour is a show of love: "I sat and watched [the footage] one night. It was very funny. I feel very much in love with him that he loves me like this [sic]."

But some Twitter users disagree and proceeded to debate the feline's motives. One commented on the viral photo: "Your cat is trying to murder you."

Others said "That cat seems sweet but believe me, he's tryin' to kill you slowly",  and "This sounds both sweet and menacing."

One even replied with this super appropriate comic:

Though Achi might be murderous, Lomphonten thinks his cat's cuddles are endearing, and he doesn't plan to put an end to his pet's behaviour any time soon. Let the sleeping cat lie where it may.... Even if it kills you.