Meet 'Valkyrie', the cat with the human face

Meet 'Valkyrie', the cat with the human face

All animals have human moments. Did you know that dolphins love to look at themselves in the mirror (much like those selfie fanatics out there)? Or have you heard that rats giggle when they're tickled (but only if they're in a good mood)? How about Marmosets? The South American monkeys share our social anxiety so much that they are said to make small talk, even waiting a few seconds after the other has finished speaking so as to avoid interrupting.

But, while many members of the Animal Kingdom share certain traits with Homo Sapiens, it's rare to find a creature that shares our looks. That's exactly why so many people were surprised to stumble across Valkyrie, a two-month-old Maine Coon kitten who went viral recently for her incredible 'human face'. When owner and breeder, Tatiana Rastorgueva started sharing photos and videos of Valkyrie on Instagram, people instantly noticed that she shared some important characteristics with all of us: namely her doubtful eyes, fed-up expression and overall grumpy persona. Don't believe me? Check her out and marvel at her human-like characteristics.

Meet Valkyrie

She looks how most of us feel

i.e. Like she wants to be left the hell alone

She's not up for playing games

I mean, like, really not up for it

I wouldn't mess with her if I were you

She may have the initial look of a two-month-old Maine Coon kitten, but she has the glare of a future Kanye West

Ultimately, just stop shoving that camera in her face and leave her alone for a goddamn nap

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