Mystery pooing jogger finally caught on camera

Mystery pooing jogger finally caught on camera

Surveillance footage shows a female jogger brazenly defecating outside the head office of a global PR office in broad daylight.

Roxy Jacenko, the CEO of Sweaty Betty PR, posted videos of the unidentified woman to Instagram, shaming her for committing the unsightly act right outside her office building on Watson Street in Paddington in Sydney, Australia.

In two separate occasions, one last Thursday and one on Monday morning, the woman is caught pulling down her pants to relieve herself in the middle of her morning run.

In this particular the video, the woman clad in her active gear, jogs towards a white car and proceeds to do a number two in front of it:

Jacenko told Daily Mail Australia she would come across faeces in the same spot for weeks, and, needless to say, it really began to infuriate her.

"It's disgusting, it's a lovely street lined with heritage terraces, kids playing and riding their bikes. Human faeces shouldn't be on any street," she said. "Something needs to be done."

The 39-year-old PR expert is determined to find out, once and for all, who has been persistently relieving herself outside of her office and had been hoping her Instagram followers might be able to help her uncover the culprit's identity.

jogger defecates Credit: Credit: Roxy Jacenko / Instagram

"What an absolute disgrace you are, doing this in our residential street where we have a primary school and multiple residences," she wrote to her Instagram followers on Monday night. "This isn't the first visit by the said female jogger. Do you know who this person is?"

In the caption to the second video, Jacenko wrote: "And again - today same lady again. What has the world come to?"

The woman cannot be seen defecating in the third clip, but it provides a clearer shot of her as she jogs down the street.

"The perpetrator," the celebrity publicist writes. "If you have any information on who this person is please contact us."

The posts have since been deleted from Jacenko's Instagram account.