Police dog caught red handed stealing Christmas presents

Police dog caught red handed stealing Christmas presents

A police department in Massachusetts discovered that one of their own - a police dog - was stealing Christmas presents.

The golden retriever was welcomed into the force back in February in order to offer comfort to the local community. About 10 months after joining the team, the dog began getting up to mischief.

This is the moment therapy dog Ben Franklin was caught red-handed stealing Christmas presents:

With Christmas just around the corner, the Police Department had started collecting gifts for the Santa Foundation - a charity that provides gifts for underprivileged families.

Staff had started storing the presents in a classroom ready to be sent off to the families in need but the naughty pooch had turned into somewhat of a grinch and decided to keep the gifts for himself.

Officer Mucciarone, Ben’s handler, told The Dodo that the dog caught sight of the gifts because the classroom door was left open one day. And so Ben decided to get his paws on one of the stuffed animals.

Credit: Franklin Police Department/Facebook

"So this room is full, and I mean chock full of toys and gifts, and usually it’s under lock and key but somebody had gone in and I noticed Ben had walked out with a stuffed animal," he explained.

Because he had "slobbered all over it", Ben was allowed to keep the toy.

The following day, however, he went to get another item - this time a baby doll. And the act of theft was caught on camera.

Franklin Police Department shared the video on Facebook, writing:

"We learned an extremely valuable lesson today. When you have a classroom full of toys ready to be shipped off to the Santa Foundation, you should…

1. Close the door to the classroom


2. Keep the toys elevated"

The post continued:

"If not, a golden retriever will slowly hoard them throughout the day and bring them back to his lair. Thanks to Officer Cusson for capturing this larceny on camera."